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World Hepatitis Day: Let’s Pledge To Save Our Families From Hepatitis

28th July of every year is celebrated as World Hepatitis Day. This day majority of organizations and individuals come together to ally and spreads awareness regarding various viruses and measure can be adopted to prevent them. At times, many don’t even know that they are being infected, and finding them is itself a challenge. This year, the theme being ‘Hepatitis free future’ aims at preventing the disease among mothers and their newborns. Let’s actively seek to reduce the impact of this virus towards a healthy approach on this World Hepatitis Day i.e., 28th July.

World Hepatitis Day 2020

Every year more than 290 Million people get affected due to Hepatitis. Hepatitis can be defined as an inflammation of the liver. It is caused by a virus called Hepatitis Virus and is differentiated with letters A, B, C, D, and E.

However, there are several other reasons which induce problems in the liver, such as excessive drinking, toxic substances, and drugs. These five types of viruses are the greatest cause of Hepatitis and can cause cirrhosis, scarring, and even liver cancer.

  • Hepatitis A (HAV): This virus is spread mainly through contaminated food and water though some sexual malpractices also invite this virus. There is no life-threatening situation, and vaccines are readily available to cure HAV.
  • Hepatitis B (HBV): HBV is among the highest spread viruses. It is transmitted through body fluids such as blood and semen. It can also be transferred from infected mother to child and through contaminated injections. Medical staff often have to prepare themselves since medical centers can become contaminated zones. Effective vaccines are available to cure this virus.
  • Hepatitis C (HCV): This virus is contaminated through infected blood. Infected Injection, contaminated blood samples, and products and drug use. There is no vaccine for this virus, and together Hepatitis B and C results in the most number of deaths.
  • Hepatitis D (HDV): The vaccines used for Hepatitis B is often used to cure this virus. It is transmitted through those who are already infected with Hepatitis B. Together; these two viruses result in worse outcomes.
  • Hepatitis E (HEV): Contaminated through food and water, this virus is found in the majority of the developing nations. Though the vaccine for this virus is developed, it is not so widely available.

Symptoms Of Hepatitis

Like any other disease, Hepatitis also shows some vast symptoms. These symptoms are mostly limited to your digestive system and liver.

  • Fatigue: This being the most common symptom can be seen in all the viruses and takes place in the early phase.
  • Improper Excretion: You might feel uncomfortable or intolerable pain during excretion. This results in dark urine(pale yellow) or pale stool.
  • Loss of Appetite: Your daily diet will go through several changes, one being the loss in appetite. You won’t feel like eating a lot, which will ultimately result in massive weight loss.
  • Abdominal Pain: This symptom is more common in life-threatening diseases such as Hepatitis B and C. You will experience pain in your abdominal region resulting in a low appetite.

Prevention Methods

After learning how this disease operates and has the potential of a widespread pandemic, it is essential to inculcate certain habits and practices that will help us prevent this deadly virus.

  • Avoid uncooked food: If you are traveling somewhere, especially in a foreign land, try to avoid having street foods that sell uncooked vegetables. Uncooked seafood must also be avoided.
  • Local water: Try to part ways when it comes to drinking domestic water. Try having purified water at all times, even if you are in a secure place.
  • Medical Attention: It is essential to follow certain medical procedures. Make sure that the needles used fo injections must be changed after use. Also, do not get in contact with any blood spilled.
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