World AIDS Day: Facts To Know About AIDS


According to the report and Statistics provided by World Health Organisation, it has been finding out that about 37.9 million people have AIDS globally. If we talk about India, around 2.1 million people are affected by HIV, as it is one of the most severe diseases, but still, people hesitate to talk about it. Seeing the rising number of HIV-positive people, World Health Organisation has started world AIDS day, recognized on 1st December every year. Every year on 1st December, World AIDS day has been celebrated around every corner of the world to spread awareness about this disease. With time, people are getting aware of the symptoms, so the rate of spreading this virus has been slowed down over the past few years, but still, we have to go a long way to eradicate AIDS from the world entirely.

Let’s discuss some of the facts of things you need to know about spreading AIDS.

What Is The Importance Of World Aids Day?

This virus was identified in 1984. Over 35 million people have died because of HIV AIDS-related illness, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in human life history. With the advance in the scientific field, various laws have been made that helps people who have HIV get themselves protected and get multiple support from the government. However, despite adopting specific measures, different people diagnosed with HIV worldwide are unaware of protecting themselves from this virus. People who have AIDS also have to face discrimination because people see them with evil eyes, so they suffer from mental harassment. Every day on 1st December, World AIDS day has been celebrated to remind the government and public that HIV has not gone away, and we have to adopt specific measures to stop its spread from making our world HIV-free one day.

It is essential to spread awareness regarding the cause of spreading HIV and what measures should be taken up by every individual to safeguard themselves from catching this virus as there is no medicine available in the medical field which cures one of these viruses.

Spreading Of HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV is a virus that causes the spreading of AIDS. It has been found that the leading cause of spreading AIDS is through the exchange of blood, but despite that, HIV can also be spread through-

  • Vaginal fluids
  • Breast milk
  • Anal fluid
  • Semen

 AIDS Can Also Be Spread Through The Following Four Ways-

  • If the donor had AIDS and had undergone an organ transplant or blood transfusion through him, then there is a chance that you can also suffer from HIV AIDS.
  • In any medical Association, if they use AIDS-infected needles or syringes, there is a high chance of spreading AIDS.
  • One of the leading causes of spreading AIDS is unprotected sex. If any of the partners is having AIDS and if they perform unprotected sex, then there is a high chance of spreading AIDS to another partner. That is why awareness has been spread around, and we advise using protection during sexual intercourse to minimize the possibility of causing AIDS.
  • The child can also get infected with AIDS if the mother suffers from this disease and feeds her child through breast milk.

By The Following Activities, You Do Not Worry About Catching AIDS

There is a lot of myth about spreading AIDS, and since there is confusion around many people about this in less, we are here to provide explicit instruction that discards all the myths prevailing around. Don’t worry, and you are not going to get AIDS through-

  • Sharing food or hugging the infected person.
  • If you are near to an individual who is suffering from AIDS and also has a cough.
  • Don’t worry about using a bathroom and toilet used by the infected person.
  • HIV can not survive in water, so don’t hesitate to use those swimming pools that an HIV-infected patient used earlier.
  • HIV AIDS will not be able to spread through mosquito bites.

AIDS Cannot Be Cured But Can Be Managed

Although the medical field has not been able to find the cure for AIDS, a person who has AIDS will lead an everyday and healthy life by adopting specific measures. Some antiretroviral drugs allow this human immunodeficiency syndrome to spread and replicate. These drugs will also be able to reduce the strength of this virus. Different alternatives of medicines are available in the market, which are very popular today. Still, they will not cure AIDS, and it is advisable to maintain your distance from these medicines and herbal supplements. It is also suggested that you should not take any herbal cure if you are under antiretroviral drugs. It is so because herbal medicines may interact differently and may make these antiretroviral drugs ineffective. Various researchers have also believed that by taking proper support and treatment, a person who has AIDS will live a healthy and everyday life.

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah
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