Why Would You Choose Poise Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence Pads

Incontinence has become a common issue that people face these days. The biggest problem that comes with incontinence is the fear of embarrassment in public. Nobody wants to feel ashamed of their weak bladder in front of a room full of people. But you cannot spend your whole day in a toilet, and you have to perform other jobs. Incontinence is a medical condition, and it means people are suffering from bladder leakages that cannot hold urine.

Imagine having a urine leakage in public or at work. It can be devastating. However, there are products specially designed for incontinence. Poise incontinence pads are small, uniquely designed pads with a hydrophobic layer. All you have to do is attach Poise incontinence pads to your underwear and live freely. It absorbs the urine and prevents leakage. Using poise incontinence pads not only saves you from embarrassment but also provides a stress-free and hygienic lifestyle as well. Poise incontinence pads are a new concept for many people, which raises a few queries about it. In this article, you will get some basic information about poise incontinence pads.

Difference Between Period Pads And Incontinence Pads:

Incontinence Pads Online

Many people think that Poise incontinence pads are similar to regular period pads because of the terms pad and its look. However, these two are entirely different from each other. If you try to use sanitary pads to prevent incontinence, it will not help you. Sanitary pads cannot hold the urine. However, if you keep the two types of pads on a table, you might find poise incontinence pads as the smaller version of usual sanitary pads. But in reality, incontinence pads are nothing the same as sanitary pads.

One of the critical differences between mensurational pads and Poise incontinence pads is the ability to absorb the flow. Sanitary napkins have a unique design that holds the mensurational flow. The amount of liquid a mensurational pad holds is not as much as incontinence pad. Incontinence pads are smaller and have a unique design with a hydrophobic layer that absorbs the rapid flow of urine. The amount of urine is always a lot more than the menstruation flow. It is nearly impossible for sanitary napkins to absorb the urine flow and save you from leakage.

The second point is that menstruation pads are not able to control the smell of urine. If you use a usual pad for incontinence, you will smell like urine after you urinate. Poise incontinence pads have a unique gel and wicking fabric that keeps the moisture away from the skin, which can prevent the smell of urine.

Urine contains acid that can damage your skin and cause rashes, infections, etc. Mensurational pads do not qualify the tests to provide skin protection from such acids. However, poise incontinence pads with special gel and fabric neutralize the acids present in your urine to protect your skin from infections and rashes.

Changing Of Incontinence Pads 

Changing Of Incontinence Pads 

One of the most common questions about using poise incontinence pads is how often someone should change a pad. Even though poise incontinence pads come with various advantages and absorption abilities, they have a specific limit. According to healthcare experts, you should not wear such poise incontinence pads for more than three to four hours. Therefore, it will help if you change poise incontinence pads four to five times a day to maintain hygiene and prevent leakage. As soon as your poise incontinence pads feel wet, it’s time for a change.


Even though there are various types of incontinence pads, attaching Poise incontinence pads to your underwear will help you deal with all of them.

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