Why Is Spirituality The Best Option For Inner Peace

Spirituality For Inner Peace

Peace is something rarely found by us in this busy world where we are so overburdened with so many thoughts that we forget what peace feels like. Inner peace, however, is an essential aspect of life, and inner peace helps a person maintain stable mental health. It prevents us from falling into the endless loop of anxiety, frustration, and depression. You may have this question in your mind as to why Spirituality is the best option for inner peace. Here’s why:

Brings About Calmness:

Spirituality is an essence of life, which is an important aspect in achieving inner peace. Spirituality is primarily practiced through meditation. The different ‘asanas’ in meditation will help you in channeling your spiritual energy, which drives you away from your regular mundane thoughts and provides you with a sense of calm.

Balances Heart Rate:

For people suffering from anxiety or for those who have overthinking disorders, the heart rate is always at a high level. It is harmful to the heart itself because it gets overworked, which shortens its life-span. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, or frustration, practicing Spirituality to find your inner self, which is locked away in a dormant form, is the best therapy to cure your anxiety. Spirituality achieved through meditation focuses our mind in thinking about our inner self, and as a result, it brings about a sense of calm in the body. This, in turn, helps your heart rate to normalize and function as it is supposed to.

Gives You A Purpose In Life:

More often than not, people ask this question to themselves: ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ It is indeed not easy to find the purpose of one’s life if one is engulfed in anxious thoughts and worrying about day-to-day life. Spirituality will help you in not only finding but also the purpose of your life. Through transcendental meditation, the mantras you chant help your mind in looking inwards into yourself and finding the true meaning for your existence and purpose. It also cleanses your mind of toxic or harmful thoughts and brings about a state of peace and rest.

Develops Your Character:

If you are always worried or frustrated and have a million pressurizing thoughts in your mind, you would likely turn out to be a bitter person who has a habit of snapping and losing their cool and temperament in unnecessary situations. This may portray you as a person with behavioral abnormalities to other people and might cause others to stay at a distance from you and mark you as a person with a bad character. Spirituality will help you clean your mind of all these anxious thoughts and bring a sense of inner peace and calm, which will automatically reflect in your changed behavior. Inner peace will increase your patience and will soothe your mind, and keep you cool and well-tempered even in extreme situations. This will significantly help in character development, into making you a better person than you are.

Opens Up your Mind:

Inner peace, achieved through Spirituality, helps you achieve peace of mind and helps you in opening up your mind, and make you think about life and see it in many ways. It opens up a lot of facets to your interpretation of life. Achieving peace through Spirituality removes all toxic thoughts and frees up the mind from the shackles of the daily hustle. When your mind is free from toxic and self-harming thoughts, you can focus on things about your self and opens up many facets as to how you interpret the meaning of life.

Some Ways In Which You Can Practice Spirituality Are:

  • Transcendental Meditation – Using mantras, the vibrations of which help your mind to see inward. It cleanses the mind of toxic thoughts and brings about peace in yourself.
  • Vipassana – It is an ancient form of meditation that makes us see things in the literal sense. Gautam Buddha originally practiced this form of meditation, and it helps in transforming yourself through self-observation.
  • Walking Meditation – This form of meditation is unique and can be easily practiced any time while you are walking or running or just doing any other physical activity. In this method, you observe your movements as you do them and consecutively focus on your breathing as well. This cleanses the mind and channels inner peace and calm.
  • Breath Watching – This is the simplest form of meditation where you need to close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing. This can be done anywhere, especially in your workplace, where during a stressful day, you can take some time out to feel some peace in yourself.
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