Why Is Exercise Needed In Daily Routine Life?

We all know what exercise does to our body and our energy level. Do you want to feel healthy and light all day? Do read this article and try to add this suggestion to your daily life and see how it feels.

Daily Exercise

Our body needs light exercises in our daily routine as we start to feel lazy or put on extra weight. But the problem is not only putting on extra kilos. Extra kilos will look different but not exercising daily can do worse to our body.

Our muscle’s strength and flexibility should be maintained. We should think about improving our endurance and activity level. If we don’t exercise, we start feeling lazy, and we start adapting even to a bad posture due to muscle weakness. Even our brain activity should be improved by keeping our mind active with exercises. Our hearts and lungs should be healthy.

We are all facing a lack of time due to our busy schedule nowadays. And that is why we need to learn less time-consuming exercises and more effective on our body. I have some great suggestions for the daily routine exercises.

What Including Exercise In Our Daily Routine Does?

Adding up some exercise to our daily routine works on our immune system as well, and there are many more benefits of exercising daily.

  • Improve our body immune system – improving our immune system can give us immunity from many diseases like diabetes, stroke, thyroid, lung disease, cardiac diseases, etc.
  • Our muscular system gets improved by strengthening our muscles and improving flexibility, avoiding muscular spasms and pain.
  • Improve our cardiac and respiratory health.
  • Keep you energetic all day.
  • It keeps your mood happy.
  • Improve your sexual life.
  • It helps in managing weight.
  • Keep your appetite good and avoid problems like constipation and bloating.

Easy And Effective Exercises For Daily Routine

We have many options to exercise in daily routine like yoga, Zumba, aerobics, cardio, weight lifting and gym, pilates, etc., but all are time-consuming. I will show you some home easy exercises for which you have to give a full 30 min/day.

Warm and cool down is much needed.

  • For the warm-up, we will start with some neck exercises. We will stand straight on the mat and begin with neck or chin up and down movement ten times. Then move further with side movements and circular clockwise and anticlockwise movement.
  • Then arc your back outward and then touch your toes by arching your back inward.
  • Same way, move your spine sideways 20 times.
  • Circularly move your wrist.
  • Lift your ankles by toe pads and back to the starting position 20 times.
  • Do some deep breathing.

Main Exercise

  • The first exercise to start with is-



Skipping is the best exercise to start with. Skipping helps to maintain the weight and flexibility of muscles. It improves your cardiac and respiratory health. Skipping helps the most to keep your body healthy.

Walking, Jogging, Or Squinting

Walking Jogging

Everyone is aware of how daily walking improves our body health by maintaining our sugar levels and moving. If you cannot go out for a walk, then do one thing.

Run at a place. You have to wear a pair of shoes and start a timer and start running at home.

Squats Or Sit-Ups


This exercise works on your leg strength and avoids all age-related knee issues like arthritis of the knee. It also helps to improve your cardio when doing in combination and improves stability to your leg. Enhances your posture and shape of the body.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

This is my personal favorite and most amazing interesting exercise. It works on your whole body by moving it. In this, you have to jump a little while spreading your legs out while lifting your arms.



This exercise works wonder on your core. This should be included in your daily routine practice no matter what other activity you choose. In this, you lie on a mat. Keep your hands behind your neck and contract your abs by pulling your torso up to the knees. Please don’t hold your breath and push your neck while doing it.



This is also a full-body workout. You have to hold a plank for a min. You can do modifications in planks by doing a side plank, full plank, elbow plank, etc., for full plank lies on your tummy. Keep your palms aside of chest near your last ribs. Feet a little apart and extend your elbow while coming on toe pads. Hold the position for one min.



This is a form of yoga, but it includes twelve poses or asanas and does well to our body. All the asanas have their benefits. It gives peace to our mind and body while strengthening our full body muscles.


Daily routine exercise is not an option, but a body needs. We have to give 30 min to our body from our busy life. Regular exercise has many benefits. Our above-shown exercises work on our energy level and peace of mind but weight management and body functions.

Exercise in our daily routine is mandatory, along with a healthy diet. Follow the advice and feel the change in yourself.

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shahhttps://www.99healthideas.com/author/himanshu/
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