When And When Not To Use Masks: Breath Of Fresh Air Without Masks

Use Of Masks

We used to think that a mask is only required in hospitals or factory work. But in these corona times, we all have a question in our mind that when to and when not to wear a mask. So, there some places or a situation where you can put off the mask. Or it is okay even if you are not wearing a mask. Let’sLet’s talk about that.

Wearing a mask in a daily routine is not what we have ever heard. Corona has taught us many things, including adjusting our self with an act on. We are not used to wearing a mask the whole day, so we all feel a little lack of fresh breath. But in this era of coronavirus, we have to keep ourselves and others healthy by wearing a mask.

Corona is a severe disease, and it spreads by aspirating the virus or while we inhale a droplet of sneeze or cough. That is why we are all asked to wear the mask, avoiding getting a severe condition.

When you are stepping out of the house via the main door, put on the mask, and when you step in the home via the main entrance, sanitize your hand and put off the show, sanitize yourself again. This is what we are all told to do. But it is tough to follow this advice.

When To Wear A Mask

It is necessary to wear a mask as soon as you leave the house.

  • If you are going to hospital work, then do wear a mask all the time.
  • If you work in a close environment
  • If you are meeting other people
  • If you are going to a party or a function
  • If you are going to vendors or any shopping site
  • If you have a corona patient at home
  • If you are suffering from a cough or cold, wear a mask at home to avoid infection.
  • If you have guests at home

Where Can You Be Without A Mask?

If you are at home, then it’s the best place to remove your mask or keep yourself breathing fresh air.

  • When you are in an open environment alone
  • When no one is near your 3 feet of area, you can remove the mask and fresh breath air.
  • When you are in sanitized close alone
  • When you are jogging or running, I am adding this point as I heard some news about dying a sportsman practicing with the mask. He died due to a lack of air. When you exercise, it is essential to put off your mask as your body needs more air while exercising. In a mask, our body needs don’t match, and it created a lack of air.
  • When you have respiratory or breathing issues, it is safe to stay home in this condition.
  • When surrounded by your family ones at home

I would never recommend you roam around without a mask outdoors as the virus can be spread anywhere because we are not the one who is getting the virus, but we are the one who is giving the virus if we are unknowingly infected.

Masks And Usage

Wearing a mask for a long time gives us ear pain or nose pain sometimes. So, there are many modifications available.

Be careful while removing the mask. When you step in, remove a mask, sanitize your hand, or it would be preferable if you bath.


It is essential to wear a mask when you go out in this corona situation. However, it is equally important to breathe fresh air. Make sure fresh breathing air doesn’t get you infected.

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