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What’s Killing Indians Diseases By Food Or Lifestyle Of The Citizens?



Killing Indians Diseases

Over 61% of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle, as mentioned by the World Health Organization (WHO. Alcohol intake, poor diet, tobacco, and pollution are the leading cause of these deaths happening in India. Most people blame the government and higher authorities for these deaths, but one way or another, people are themselves responsible for these deaths. In a recent study, it came out that the leading causes of diseases where Obesity, Mental Health, Respiratory Diseases, and many more.

Here are the top 9 Diseases in India caused due to either food or lifestyle of the citizens

  1. Heart Disease

In India, the leading cause of death is Heart Disease for over two decades. It is majorly happening due to unhealthy lifestyles such as having unhealthy diets, eating junk food, inactivity, obesity, smoking, and much more reason, which is the main reason for causing heart-related diseases.

  1. Diarrhea

Majorly such types of infections are found in children below the age of 5 due to which more than 1 million children died in the past year. The primary cause of diarrhea among the children was either hospitals did not have proper vaccines, or the parents didn’t have their children vaccinated at an appropriate age and time.

  1. Self Harm

Ranked top 10th cause of death in 2005, it holds the Eighth position in terms of deaths in India as per the records and data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB.With an increase of more than 17.3% from 2005 until now, it has been the most rapidly increasing cause of death in India, mostly due to mental health or financial problems.

  1. Road Injuries

As the number of vehicles rose in India, the number of accidents also rose almost three times in the past three years, according to the data shown by NCRB. Leading causes of these accidents were rash driving, drunk driving, or not following the traffic rules which caused these deaths in India.

  1. Respiratory Disease

The most common respiratory disease is asthma, which is generally caused due to smoking, pollution, and exposure to allergens in conditions. Around 10-11% of deaths are happening due to these types of diseases.

  1. Diabetes

It is a disease that is most commonly found in Indian people due to their lifestyle and food, which is preventable. Still, due to a lack of awareness and knowledge, it is one of the significant causes of death in India.

  1. Dehydration

Commonly, deaths are among the poor people and drought-hit areas where water is scarcely available during summertime, making it a significant cause of deaths in India.

  1. Dengue And Malaria

It is a fatal disease causing more than 3% of deaths in India related to the disease. The leading cause of these diseases is parasite transmission by mosquitoes causing severe conditions and even deaths in various parts of India.

  1. Obesity

Unhealthy eating habits, reduced physical activity, stressful lifestyles are the primary cause of obesity. Blood pressure, breathing issues, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are the major problems faced by obese people causing death if not look into.


India being a developing nation, every citizen needs to increase their awareness and knowledge about the harms caused by such diseases that can cause death. Living a healthy lifestyle will not only reduce the risk of these diseases but also boost our work capacity.

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