What To Do When Severely Dehydrated – 9 Easy And Quick Effective Home Remedies

Water-Water Everywhere, Please Take A Drop To Drink!

What To Do When Severely Dehydrated

The importance of water as fluid is not unknown to anyone. 70% of our body is made up of this liquid, and we need to gulp down at least eight glasses of water every day to maintain our metabolism rate. If your body lacks the adequate quantity of water, then it won’t be functioning correctly. Once there is a lack of fluid in your body, you might feel a variety of symptoms, and these symptoms point towards dehydration. Along with losing water via breathing and excretion, we also lose a variety of salts and electrolytes. Our body reframes its working system once this loss starts to show its effect. The body continues to adjust the balance between the salts and the water content. When this water content is nearly empty, we suffer from dehydration.

If not treated in the right manner, moderate and severe stages of dehydration can lead to the untimely death of an individual. For being appropriately treated, the condition should be duly recognized. Increased thirst, dry mouth, and frequent headaches with dizziness are the primary symptoms of dehydration. In case of severe dehydration, medical advice is recommended. But, in a more general tone, dehydration is curable at home. Here are nine remedial measures that can be used against dehydration.

  1. Sip Small Amounts Water: Once your body is deprived of fluids, a sudden intake might cause a grave imbalance in your system. So sip small amounts of water to bring your body back to neutrality.
  2. Drink Electrolytes: Electrolytes consists of liquefied carbohydrates and added nutrients which are essential for the body during dehydration. Prepared replacement solutions give your body enough time to buffer.
  3. Suck On Ice Lollies And Popsicles: The kind of ice-cream which contains the highest amount of water, these childhood favorites can save you from acute dehydration.
  4. Stay In A Cold Place: Air-conditioned places are the best locations for the body to return to the average temperature. A water spray can come in handy too.
  5. Eat The Right Food: Prefer a diet which has maximum fluid content. Avoid eating junk food as it contains oil, which will add up to your body temperature.
  6. Avoid Exposure To Extreme Conditions: Exposure to extreme cold will result in shivering, which will increase the body temperature, and the symptoms might go down south.
  7. Increase Your Body Cooling: Use portable fans and wet towels frequently. The process will aid in lowering your body temperature.
  8. Keep Your Medicinal Recipes At Hand: Coconut water, lemon-flavored oils, buttermilk, and barley water are great remedies for dehydration.
  9. Wear Light: Heavy clothes increase sweating, hence causing water loss. Wear light clothes to avoid the loss of fluids from your body.

Remember these nine remedies to curb dehydration as soon as possible and lead yourself towards a better lifestyle. Happy Living!

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