What To Do When Severe Headache – 9 Fast Relief Home Remedies

What To Do When Severe Headache

Headaches never come informed. Are you tired of canceling your plans due to sudden headaches that put your body in trouble? Are you the one who leaves the party early because of a headache? Never worry. Medications never come with zero side effects. So, to protect you and your health, here are the nine best home remedies for treating a headache.

Before trying to treat the headache, be sure to understand what it is. Some common headache types are,

  1. Tension Headache:

This headache appears when you become overstressed or when tension rises. Here, pain appears in the center and top of the head.

  1. Sinus Headache:

One caused behind eyes and nose. The one similar to a hangover.

  1. Cluster Headache:

Cluster headache appears throughout the day like a sharp pain.

  1. Migraine:

Throbbing pain behind the eyes and grows through the head.

The Remedies:

  1. Caffeine For Relief:
  • All those who love coffee, good news. You needn’t depend on an external painkiller to ease your headache. A good cup of coffee and some relaxation would do. But don’t overdose yourself with coffee. Because caffeine withdrawal can cause its type of headache.
  1. Calm And Relax:
  • You get a headache, don’t freak out. Try some relaxation mechanisms. Try Yoga, stretches, and calm your mind. You can eventually see yourself getting better with everything you do.
  1. Ginger For Rescue:
  • Ginger is another best helper for your headaches. Try taking some ginger tea or using ginger toffees. It helps us a significant relief against migraines with ER.
  1. Get Some Massage:
  • whole-body functions with the help of pressure points. So why not give the pressure points a little pressure? Try massaging in the neck or shoulders. It might soothe the pain and provide instant relief. Also, if you want to be accurate in massaging, try contacting your doctor. He might know extra pressure points.
  1. Herbal Tea For You:
  • Are the ultimate destination for anybody’s pain. So why wait? Get yourself a hot cup of herbal tea. A brew of Ginger, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint might serve the need.
  1. Lights Off:
  • Of us are light sensitive. Whenever we are exposed to bright light in our office places or our homes, we complain of headaches. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be exposed to light. But it’s just that we are allergic to some of them. So, try removing a few of it to see the reaction.
  1. Warm Compress:
  • Headaches are because of muscle compression. So, try using a warm towel for relaxation. It might provide you with quick relief.
  1. Intake Water:
  • Dehydration is a major cause of headaches. Drink water. Keep yourself hydrated. Relieve from headache and stay healthy.
  1. Remove Pressure:
  • In some cases, the cause of the headache might be a ponytail or a rubber band. So, try removing any firm pressure from your head and see yourself moving away from the pain.
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