What Is Theta Healing, And What Are The Benefits?

Theta Healing

Theta healing is a meditation form wherein the brain wave cycle enters into the theta waves, thereby creating psychological, physical, and spiritual healing. Several meditative techniques have evolved over the years. This form of meditation was created by Vianna Stibal almost 15 years ago.

It has become common these days for counselors or people in your group to suggest you should practice meditation for dealing with several issues like depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. But when you start the journey into meditation and deep relaxation, you come across various obstacles, namely discipline, concentration, patience, thought control, etc., and tend to give up on the practice altogether.

Imagine if there was someone to guide you through this journey, and all you have to do is relax comfortably and listen to the voice that guides you. Welcome to the world of Theta healing, which is a kind of guided meditation that helps your mind travel to the Theta state.

Theta healing positively helps us to create physical healing and grow spiritually. So, get rid of negative and limiting beliefs by practicing Theta healing. Our thoughts and beliefs shape us as an individual. What if you could free yourself from the limiting thoughts and manifest the life of your dreams. Theta healing is the way ahead!

So, What Exactly Is The Theta State?

You can relate this to the feeling you experience when you take a power nap or afternoon nap, and you are in a dreamy state of mind wherein you are neither awake nor completely asleep. This state of your brain is described as the Theta brain waves, and it is believed that it is in this state when your mind can heal your body.

There are five states that we experience, namely Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Among these states of mind, Theta is the entryway to creativity and learning, which is not accessible in an alert state of mind. In this state of mind, focused prayer can help you connect to the Creator of All That Is and help you remove negative and limiting beliefs that cause fear and insecurity.

Benefits Of Theta Healing:

Relief From Stress:

It is said that in the Theta state, the mind is relaxed, and concentration is focused on the problems experienced by the body. This ensures that there is no stress left in mind.

Increase In Creativity:

It is seen that in the Theta state, creativity is in abundance, and hence it can be used adequately to keep your thoughts creative even after the session is over.

Improved Mental Energy:

Theta waves are said to have a great mental impact on individuals. It leaves you with a stronger mental ability to face tougher situations in the future. When you practice this healing process regularly, you tend to have more control over your mind.

Improved Sleep And Fight Against Insomnia:

In the Theta state, you are controlling your mind to do as per the guiding voice, and this helps in having a better sleep when you have decided its time. Your mind doesn’t wander without your control, and it is observed that Theta healing can reduce insomnia.

Connection To Your Subconscious:

In the Theta state, you are connected to the subconscious state of mind and are in touch with the area that generates dreams. This way, you get to realize what issue is most affecting you, thus making you able to program your subconscious.

Improving The Immune System:

Stress and Anxiety can harm your immune system as they are responsible for releasing harmful chemicals, including cortisol which in excess damages the immunity. Theta waves activate pleasant chemicals in the body and help fight such harmful ones.

To Conclude:

The human mind is the most complex machine. It produces various brain waves, and these operate at different speeds. It tends to produce the Theta waves when you are almost sleeping; however, you have not gone into deep sleep yet. They are also present when you are awake however are in a relaxed state. The journey depends on the healing practitioner who guides you. Performing this healing procedure regularly benefits both your mind and body in the long run. So, if you are ready to experience something new and you are not able to concentrate on the usual meditation that you have been practicing, then Theta healing is worth a try.

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