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What Is The Difference Between Microblading And Micro Feathering?

Looking beautiful is essential for today’s woman. An eyebrow plays an important role in making her look attractive, but unfortunately, some women do not have beautiful eyebrows. With the help of these treatments, any desired eyebrows of any color are to be made.



Microblading And Micro Feathering

In the whole world, women are always obsessed with their looks and beauty. They all the time want to look beautiful and different from any other woman. They are always in search of all the types of things related to beauty and make-up. They experiment a lot with different kinds of therapies, treatments, and various products to conquer the major goal of looking beautiful. In which eyebrows play an essential role. Eyebrows are the main highlight of the human face; It also defines the personality of the particular. We are discussing the two different methods of treatment related to eyebrows.

With the help of these treatments, any desired eyebrows of any color are to be made.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is an innovative tattooing technique. A small handy operated tube is made of a plastic substance. The plastic substance or simply the handle is equipped with a tip like a needle, which is utilized to inject temporary pigment into the skin in order to add ink. A variety of colors are offered.

In this case, a bright, luminous color is added to your skin in the form of a temporary tattoo. This technique uses a new way of applying the ink that avoids other tattoo methods’ smudging and blotchy characteristics. The application method allows the artist to draw on colored areas more precisely than with older methods. The color lasts about three weeks before fading begins.

What Is Micro Feathering?

This process is similar to microblading the needles and the brushes, and the procedure is almost the same. This tattoo process differs from the blade in such a way that this process can easily work on the other part of the face or body. In other words, the patches in the eyebrows are filled with the process. Not only women but men can also take this therapy to fill their patchy spots of beards.

Steps were taken in Microblading as well as Micro Feathering.

  • The skin is first numb with a micro brush. After the application of the micro brush, dipped in a substance named Tropical Lidocaine.
  • Then with the help of thread or pencil outline of the eyebrow is made.
  • Afterward, by stretching, the skin ink is injected with the help of the needle.
  • The even process of motion of hand made the ink go in the upper layer of skin.
  • The colors are drawn into the skin with fine lines, so they do not fade as quickly as traditional ink colors.
  • The description is “a new, innovative, temporary coloring technique that provides dramatic color change and permanent skin-to-skin enhancement.”
  • The special pigment is used to avoid red, blue scars that take place after the process.

An interesting feature of processes is that, as the tattoo fades, a new color filled into it.


The processes are very similar in that there are very small things that are there to differentiate. The main difference is the surface area for the process. In microblading, your entire eyebrow is tattooed along with the remaining hair, and in micro feathering, the patches in the eyebrows are covered with the tattoo.

Microblading lasts for six to ten months; on the other hand, microblading lasts for six to eighteen years.

The cost plays an important role in all accepts of the process. The Microblading process costs $ 400 to 1000 or Rupee 25k to 60 k at a time. The Microfeathering costs $ 350 to 1200 or Rupees 20k to 70k for one time.

Things To Keep In Mind After The Process:

  • Avoid going to the gym or doing the workout for more than a week because the ink used at the time of tattooing will take time to settle in the upper part of the treated skin. Due to the excessive sweating, the link along with sweat may also come over.
  • When washing the face, be aware not to apply water or any other washing agent on the treated area for more than a month because the ink may get faded with the chemicals in the products getting applied on the face.
  • These processes are not very painful, but sometimes bleeding also happens at the time of tattooing. To avoid any kind of reaction or allergies, apply the healing reagent only after consulting.
  • To avoid diseases transferred from the environment, always check the hygiene of the place, and at the tattoo-making process, always keep an eye on the needle.

The people work in the corporations as managers, marketing heads, scales executives, etc., and have patches in the eyebrows that everyone can notice. They tend to lose their confidence in working with them. They always fear that someone is laughing at them. In this competitive world, if someone has to stay in the field, they have to be confident. These processes can give confidence back to them.

The processes can provide a whole new look to the particular. They can build their personality after these treatments. They can work more confidently with their co-workers even in the normal manner without any fear and hesitation.

The trend of doing such treatments is spreading worldwide day by day. The more the selfie world is taking boom, the more the demand for these kinds of treatments is growing positively. Not only women but men are also interested in these types of techniques. They apply it on the patchy beard and mustache region of the face to get properly shaped beards.

Final Words

In the current trend following the population, the popularity of these kinds of processes is moving to another level day by day.

In conclusion, these processes are safe, not very efficient in terms of money, But when it comes to durability, it is quite durable. They do not take that much time to get done and can be used on special occasions.

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