What Causes UTI And How To Cure It?


What Is UTI, And Why Does It Occur?

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is a kind of infection that affects the working of the urinary tract in people’s bodies. There exist a total of 3 types of UTIs that may lead to different results and consequences on the infected person. UTI damages all the organs associated with maintaining a good urinary function in the body. That is why controlling this infection before it affects the whole body both internally and externally is crucial.

What Are Its Risk Factors?

Following are some risk factors that can cause urinary tract infection in people’s bodies-

  • Menopausal Phase:

The menopausal phase is a susceptible phase of a woman’s life. Women go through many physical and emotional changes during this phase, so the body is more prone to UTI during the menopausal stage.

  • Urinary Tract Blockages:

The occurrence of any blockage in the urinary tract can lead to UTI. In both men and women, this has a lot of adverse effects.

The above risk factors affect the body according to the type of infection that has occurred. These types have individual appearances, symptoms, as well as cures.

Types Of UTIs:-

Below are the three essential types of UTIs that have been noticed in people’s bodies under various circumstances. These may also have occurred due to some uncommon actions of both men and women-

  • Cystitis Infection:

This type of infection is also called bladder infection. In this type, the urinary bladder is poorly affected and functions irregularly. Due to this, people may suffer irregularity in their urinary schedules.

  • Kidney Infection:

The term for kidney urinary tract infection is acute pyelonephritis. Acute pyelonephritis occurs when proper urinary functions are not carried out by people. This kidney infection can lead to kidney damage or failure if ignored when at a crucial developing stage.

  • Urethra Infection:

This infection type is also called urethritis infection. In this infection, the urethra present in the bodies of people is infected. This causes a direct effect on the working of the urinary bladder and eventually the dysfunction of the urinary tract.

 Symptoms Of UTI:-

Below is a list of some symptoms that usually occur in people’s bodies when they are affected with UTI-

  • Cloudy Appearance Of Urine:

Cloudiness in the appearance of urine is observed in people when they are infected with UTI.

  • Strong Smell Of Urine:

The urine of people affected with UTI smells very strongly. To such an extent, even the respective person cannot stand the smell for even a few seconds.

  • Reddish Or Pinkish Urine:

Blood coming out from the body with urine is another most crucial symptom of UTI. Also, some burning sensation occurs while releasing urine from the bodies of infected people.

Even if all the above symptoms are quite noticeable, people usually fail to track them down and cause great harm to their bodies. This should be avoided to the fullest by the people.

Effects Of UTI On Your Body:-

UTI is a severe type of infection that has many adverse effects on the bodies of people. These effects can be as small as rashes and different allergies. However, they can also be as critical as pregnancy complications. Some of the minor, as well as major effects of UTI that can occur on your body, can be listed as follows-

  • Women May Deliver Premature Or Low-Weighted Babies:

Chances of premature deliveries increase when a woman has UTI in her urinary bladder or urethra. Also, the babies that are born may be underweight and weak.

  • Irreparable Damage Of Kidney:

Kidney failure or miserable kidney damage is another most adverse effect of UTI on people’s bodies.

  • Narrowing Of The Urethral Tract:

If UTI is of urethritis type, then the urethral tract is affected in many negative ways. One of them is narrowing the urethral tract that gradually gives lower urine flow with each passing day.

UTI is a dangerous health infection that may seem to be very casual and harmless initially but can give a lot of adverse consequences to people in the future. These effects can affect the fertility of men, and in the case of women, it can cause disabilities in delivered children. That is why curing UTI with natural methods is as important as preventing them beforehand.

How To Cure UTI And Make Yourself Healthy Again?

UTI is a severe body condition, and curing it may sometimes take a lot of time and effort. Specifically, with artificial agents like medicines, drugs, etc., the curing intensity of this infection is extremely low. For the same reason, it is recommended that people use the following natural cures to get rid of UTI and facilitate themselves with good health-

  • Take A Close Look At Your Birth Control Methods:

Your birth control methods may have been giving you a lot of trouble since the start of their usage. However, it’s time to pay close attention to this factor and change your birth control methods to adopt healthy ones.

  • Drink As Much Water Every Day As Possible:

Drinking plenty of water every day is never a bad idea at all. It also eliminates the risk of UTI, and if occurred, it will help in erasing it from your body as soon as possible.

  • Drink Cranberry Juice Regularly:

Cranberry juice is the most recommended natural agent to treat UTI and cure people of the same. In addition, consuming cranberry juice at least once a day is very beneficial for avoiding any such infections in the future as well.

The above remedies are the perfect cures for healing UTIs and providing normal and proper internal and external health. Women should especially focus on these cures well in time so that their menstrual cycle & pregnancy does not get affected by these infections.


Urinary infections have created many troubles in people’s bodies and continue to have a long-lasting effect on their bodies. These infections can cause terrible consequences on your body. For the same reason, preventing these infections and keeping them away from your body is the only thing you can do to keep yourself healthy. Knowing how to control your urinary tract infections properly is a skill that everyone, especially women, should adopt in themselves.

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