What Are The Healthy Habits You Should Develop In Your Life?

Healthy Habits

A habit will always stick through good and bad times during a person’s life. But what is a habit? It is an activity that we regularly do that can affect our physical or mental well-being. It can have an ever-lasting impact on us, be it good or bad. We have taught many habits throughout our lives, and that is how evolution has moved forward. We don’t realize that habits consume most of our lives, so we need to make the right choices. But it is always known that old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to adapt because we have been comfortable in our zone; the comfort-zone where we understand what we are doing correctly and how well it is going on for us. But we don’t know is that this could be dangerous since we don’t explore any more of what is beyond our comfort zone, and that can lead to no growth in our behavior or well-being.

Healthy Habits

But what exactly is a healthy habit? Healthy habits include well-being in the areas of the physical, psychological, or mental state of a person. It could be eating healthy food or drinking water or exercising or even the small little gestures like helping people out by listening to them. But as I said, it is not always easy to adapt to a new path of teaching a habit. It is because we are human beings, and right from the dawn of evolution, we still tend to be lazy and procrastinate the stuff we always wanted to do.

Procrastination And How To Avoid It

Procrastination is a bane in every life of a person, and we have to tackle it. It could be done by motivating and inspiring yourself by looking at the broad picture in your mind. You could start a journal where you can gather your thoughts and reflect upon your actions and yourself and move forward. It leads to the effective development of a healthy habit. Don’t delay the things and activities which you always wanted to do because later you may regret your decisions.

The Unknown Of Fear And How To Overcome

The next problem we have to overcome is the fear of the unknown. That is right; some people tend to get scared about the new healthy habits they tend to start upon because they were comfortable in their old-self. So ask your family and close friends or relatives to help you out and be patient. We have seen it online about the 21-day rule, which tells us that if we keep doing the activity for 21 days, then later, we would turn that into a habit, but that is not true according to a study. The study suggests that the time taken for a person to habituate could take from 66 days to 256 days and maybe more because it all depends on the person’s mind and behavioral pattern. So stay focused and think about the big picture.

Small Steps Are The Right Steps

Sometimes people can take extreme measures for adapting to a healthy habit, but I think it would make things hard and daunting. So always move forward by baby steps. Take little steps one at a time, and that leads to gradual growth in the well-being of a person because we human beings do not like significant changes suddenly. It could disrupt one’s life abruptly, and that would gradually lead to a spiral of despair.

Why Overthinking Is A Huge Problem

We also tend to overthink the habits we have been doing, and it is natural. But to be a bigger and healthier person is not to overthink and overdo. Just don’t let overthinking get the best of you. In the end, it will harm your body and your mental state. And finally, love the process of adopting a healthy and enjoyable habit. It is not about the final destination but the journey that will bring you joy when you look back.

In conclusion, new healthy habits are difficult to take in, but once you get the hold of it, it would change your lifestyle and how you see things very differently.

Himanshu Shah
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