What Are The First Symptoms Of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a rampant disorder that goes unnoticed as its early signs are usually mild. Let us discuss these signs one should notice and take proper measures.

First Symptoms Of Diabetes

Do you know India is on its way to become the diabetes capital of the world? Yes, India is second after China in the statistics of people affected with diabetes. As far as the world diabetic population is taken into account, India holds a massive 49% of the share. Consider this, the total diabetic cases in adults are estimated to cross the 100 million mark by 2030.

While one can get this disorder through genes, many people suffer from this lifestyle disorder due to poor health choices, including lack of exercise. Now, most cases of diabetes remain undiagnosed until they turn severe. So, in this article, let’s delve into the early signs of diabetes that one should not miss. Only after you are alert can you take proper health measures to prevent diabetes.

10 Early Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes

Early signs and symptoms of diabetes can help you take action before your condition worsens. At the onset, these signs may occur too mild even to notice. But if you have a family history of diabetes, then you should pay heed to the following warning signs.

  1. Constant feeling of fatigue and hunger
  2. Frequent urge to urinate
  3. Feeling thirsty and dry mouth
  4. Changes in vision or blurred vision
  5. Weight gain or loss
  6. Nausea, irritability
  7. Numbness in feet or hands
  8. Skin infections
  9. Slow-healing wounds
  10. Darkening of the skin in and around the folds, like armpits

If you observe any of these symptoms, get in touch with your doctor immediately. If you ignore these indications for too long, it might lead to severe health complications, like nerve damage or heart problems.

In conclusion

It is essential to have your blood sugar levels checked every quarter, i.e., once in three months. This is because if you have type 2 diabetes, you will barely notice any symptoms. However, for type 1 diabetes, which usually is found among children, the symptoms are quite noticeable and severe. All said and done, both types of diabetes have similar warning signs; hence, it is essential to note if you experience any of the above early signals.

Unfortunately, diabetes cannot be cured totally since it’s a chronic disorder. But, there’s a respite to see many modern treatments have emerged to manage the symptoms and let an individual lead a normal life. The first ideal option to manage the disease is prevention.

Actively make choices to live a healthy lifestyle and ensure a proper diet in nutrition. You should avoid junk or fatty foods. Also, commit to a regular exercise regime. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, mark your calendar to monitor blood sugar levels from time to time.

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