What Are The Blood Cancer Symptoms?

Blood cancer is a type of disease which occurs in our body when something in the development of our blood cells goes awry. Blood cancer can stop the usual functions of our blood, which constitutes but is not limited to, keeping us healthy by dealing with disorders. In some cases, it might also cease the clotting of the blood.

Blood Cancer

There are three main types of blood cancer:

● Leukaemia

● Lymphoma

● Myeloma


Leukaemia is brought about by the periodic creation of irregular platelets in the bone marrow. These irregular platelets influence the bone marrow’s capacity for the production of red blood cells and platelets.


Lymphoma impacts the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps the human body to get rid of excess fluids from our body and creating invulnerable cells. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that battles infection. Irregular lymphocytes become lymphoma cells, which develop wildly in our lymph nodes and different tissues.


Myeloma affects plasma cells. These are white blood cells that help in the creation of antibodies that fight infection in the body. Myeloma influences the production of plasma cells, which then leads to a weak immune system in the human body.


Although there are different types of blood cancer, there may be some mutual warnings and cautions which they share. Very often, it may happen that a person may not have any symptoms until the disease has reached a certain high level. Sometimes, it also occurs that a sign may be thought of as a common cold or the flu by mistake.


Blood cancer affects the blood, bone marrow, and the lymphatic system. There can be various symptoms of blood cancer. Some of these are: 

● Bleeding from the gums,

● Difficulty in urinating and decrease in urination

● Recurrent infections or fever,

● Loss in weight,

● Discomfort in the body (mostly abdominal pain, back pain and hurting bones),

● The abrupt presence of rashes 

● Increase in dark spots

● Anorexia

● Trouble in breathing or shortness of breath

● Excessive bruising

● Unusual bleeding from cuts, nose, and gums, which may lead to reduced platelets

● Increase in size of lymph nodes or glands 

● Irregularities or stomach distension because of enlarged stomach organs

● Minimal strain in the body which leads to fractures in bones

● Delirium

● Reduced vision and headaches

● Excessive need for vomiting


Despite the absence of a specific cause, which may result in blood cancer, various factors are supposed to be associated with the development of this disease. Some of them are: 

● Ageing

● Poor immunity system

● Infections

● Family history


One of the essential goals in the treatment of blood cancer is the complete removal of the disease. Blood cancer hospitals provide a few medications in India for this illness. Few of them are: 

● Chemotherapy

● Transplantation of bone marrow – a process to get rid of the damaged bone marrow and replacing it with healthy bone marrow stem cells.

● Biological therapies that kill cancer

● A profoundly special group including Haemato-oncologists and radiation oncologists, give cutting edge treatment for an assortment of malignant growths like lymphomas, leukaemia, and different myelomas.

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