Ways To Start A Journey To Health And Fitness

Health is well of a person’s whole body with zero absenteeism of disease. Is this true? Only diseases free body is a healthy body? The answer is a big NO. Why? Because a healthy body has all factors which are physical, mental, and emotional.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the definition of health is “health is state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We are now talking about fitness, as the word suggests itself a fit physical appearance of the body. Fitness shows that our body is physically healthy, which can perform sports, substantial work activity, and daily work. A human body needs physical energy to do its day to day work.

Mental Health And Physical Fitness

Mental Health And Physical Fitness

These two terms go hand in hand. This means if you are physically healthy, your mental health will be as good as the shining sun. You will glow internally and externally also and vice versa. Little changes in habits make a significant impact on your body. To pursue good health, we should concentrate on changing habits little by little. To make your body fit, you need to maintain your schedule or routine.

Taking 6 to 8 hours of sleep is most important in your life because significant health problems, which include mental issues like insomnia, hyperacidity, digestive issues, headache, migraine also caused by lack of sleep.

Next thing which unavoidable is time management of your daily routine. If your habit is managed correctly, you find your health problems decreasing. It includes your breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings. Work management also crucial because it will help you to minimize unnecessary work, and your priorities will set.

What Should We Need To Eat For Sustaining Our Health?

Eat For Sustaining Our Health

The first thing first to avoid junk food at any cost. We all know junk food is very tempting and tasty, but remember, it only entertains your tongue rather than providing energy to us. Vitamins, minerals, fibre, carbohydrates, proteins only come from vegetables, cereals, and fruits. So try to include all these things in your weekly diet. It helps to give energy.

Consumption Of Water

Consumption Of Water

Drink 2-3 liters of water per day. Problems like migraine, headache majorly occurs when our body is dehydrated. To avoid headaches, drink one glass of water in the morning before having breakfast. It will also improve the digestive system. Water detoxifies your body. It flushes out all harmful fluids which run in our body. It also helps to lose weight. Drinking water only includes clear water, not soda or sparkling water, or other soft drinks or cold drinks.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Exercise includes all kinds of workouts like walking, gym, running, swimming, or doing yoga. Exercise makes your body flexible; it creates sweat and improves the body’s stamina. Try to exercise regularly as possible, or you can work on weekends or maintain a schedule for it. Health problems like high blood pressure, high sugar or diabetes, heart problems, muscle pain can decrease by exercising.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

If you want to get rid of tensions, anxiety, depression, and another mental issue, meditation is the best option for improving mental health. Not just it improves mental health, but also it helps to concentrate. Doing Yogasana will help to achieve mental peace. Due to our hectic schedule, we often ignore our mental health or, worse, we don’t even consider mental health as part of our health. So try to bring changes in your work pattern so you will get less tension. The dominant Mantra for it is ‘relax and breathe.’ Breathing exercise helps to lessen the impact of pressure. Also, by doing this, we can focus on one thing at a time.

Let’s not forget; persistence is the key to success. If you want to achieve anything in your life, you should be persistent this same goes for achieving desired health goal small step at a time will lead you to healthy living.

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  1. The starting point is the most difficult and the scariest. A personal trainer can help you start your fitness journey, but with the right motivational tips you can be your own coach. We have many success stories to prove it.


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