US President Joe Biden Has Assured Americans To Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic On Primary

Joe Biden is the new US President and 46th up till now. Elections were held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The results are declared, and JOE BIDEN has won the elections. The pride of India Kamala Harris is the new vice president. President Biden was welcome in a grand way.

President Biden Has Assured Americans To Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

On Saturday, Biden delivers his victory speech at Wilmington, Delaware, his home state, with Kamala Harris. President Joe Biden has also assured Americans to tackle the coronavirus pandemic on a primary basis. He specified Donald Trump’s supporter in his speech, thanking them for trusting him and give a chance to prove himself.

Trump vs. Biden

As expected, the battle between Trump and Biden was at its peak. Joe Biden has crossed the golden figure of 270 seats and has gone up to 290. But the formal president trump has around 214 seats. So, the result is almost clear and transparent.

The States Break Up

Biden has lead in Georgia, Arizona Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and many more. While Trump has the upper hand in Florida, Lowa, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina. With this, it is clear for all of us who is the new president of the USA. The states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania made Trump won in the 2016 elections, but this time the votes moved towards Joe Biden.

The Strike Of The Coronavirus To Trump

The coronavirus is one of the leading reasons for Trump losing this election. America is the most powerful country globally, couldn’t find a way to dodge the spreading of the coronavirus under the leadership of Donald Trump. There were no shutdowns or lockdowns as of such, and the virus has conquered almost the most nation.

Till now, there are 9.96 million people found positive with the coronavirus, and the deaths are around 238,000. The Trump government’s strategies and tactics were not satisfactory, and when counted the virus seriously, it has spread to another extent.

Joe Biden’s Way Of Tackling

Joe Biden has promised to set up a new team to get this pandemic under control on Monday. This will be an action force to get this pandemic under control as soon as possible.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris also promise to give 500000 Indians the citizenship of America. This is the greatest news for NRI’s in America. Indians can live in America with the right to vote; it’s a great achievement for India. Kamala Harris says, “I am the first Indian woman to be the vice president but not the last.” They also promise to take admission of around 95000 refugees.


So we all hope that the new president does some great and make their people proud. We hope that the relation between India and America also gets better. It will be great to see Biden fulfilling the promises made by him during the election campaigns. Biden has to work hard to make the people in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan because they were the states of Trump in 2016. If he does so, he can add more states to his sides and make his way easier in the 2024 elections.

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