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Dengue is driven by mosquitoes and arises from the dengue virus. During Dengue, the body acknowledges several changes. For example, do you know what type of food to avoid during Dengue? Let’s dig into the article to understand in detail which kind of food to avoid.

What Are Dengue And Its Symptoms?

Monsoon arrival scares everyone as, during this time, the threat of Dengue is at its peak. However, only during this time, the mosquito-borne disease portrays its power by affecting many people. The primary agent of Dengue is the Aedes mosquito that leads to high-grade fever. Well, as food is responsible for fighting against varying diseases, all of you might be wondering what type of food to consume.

A balanced and healthy diet is the ultimate step and a crucial step to take into action. Food role becomes more essential in the case of Dengue, as the sufferers of this disease are the people with weak immunity. So, certain food items go with recovery, and some go with non-recovery. So, let’s dig into food items that dengue patients need to avoid.

From moderate to severe, dengue symptoms are easy to recognize. It leads to high fever, joint pain, headache, and much more, and if you are suffering from these, immediately seek a doctor’s help. In addition, due to mosquito bites’ blood platelets count decrease, it is crucial to consult a doctor. So, are you facing these symptoms? If yes, along with consuming correct medicines and consulting a doctor, a proper diet also plays an important role. So, have a look into an adequate diet.

Food To Avoid

Recovery from Dengue is not an easy task, and along with essential food, there are foods too that dengue patients should avoid. Taking inappropriate food might affect the body, so abide by the list that portrays food that does not prove good during Dengue.

  1. Coffee

Coffee, one of the essential beverages to avoid during Dengue as this item enhances platelets and makes body functioning improper. Your body might get fatigued quickly due to the massive amount of caffeine, a component present in coffee. Moreover, coffee leads to muscle breakdown and also triggers the body’s functioning.

  1. Avoid Non-Vegetarian Food

Are you thinking about what not to eat in Dengue? Then, non-vegetarian food comes on top of the list as it includes various fats, nonessential nutrients, and unhealthy oils that are not considered safe for dengue patients. Besides this, non-vegetarian food items are not easy to digest, so keep a distance from non-vegetarian food.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol also comes on this list as it adversely affects the human body’s well-being and is considered to be the most harmful beverage. In addition, alcohol dehydrates your body extensively during dengue fever, so dengue patients should avoid it.

  1. Junk Food

Nowadays, almost everyone loves junk food and fried food. From eating fried momos to gulping burgers at popular places, life without these delicious foods would be boring for a junk food lover. But, if you are suffering from Dengue, you need to avoid these junk foods as these foods contain a considerable number of unhealthy oils and fats. In addition, junk food doesn’t offer any essential nutrients to the body and can affect the recovery process of Dengue. So, to say no to junk food is the best option to maintain your immunity.

  1. Spicy Food

People suffering from Dengue should also say no to spicy food such as spicy fried rice, spicy curry, and much more. Intake of spicy food will only make the body unhealthy and triggers the recovery process of Dengue. Spicy food makes the condition even worse.

Food To Intake

From milk to high fiber food, diets for dengue patients can be managed in several ways. Here is the list of certain foods that help you to recover from Dengue. Let’s dig into the list quickly.

Citrus fruits, one of the most recommended foods for dengue patients, as citrus fruits include several essential antioxidants and vitamins. So make sure to intake citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and many more.

Intake of kiwi is considered best to recover from Dengue as it contains vast amounts of nutrients and offers a delicious taste to the mouth.

Coconut water, another type of food that acts best in the recovery of dengue patients, as it prevents the body from dehydration.

Fiber-laden food such as Dalia and oats are highly considered Dengue as it is easy to digest and vigorously fights against Dengue.


To abide by the following list of food will surely help you recover from Dengue, and every dengue patient should follow this to maintain the body’s functioning. So, bid farewell to unhealthy food and welcome healthy food to recover.

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