Treatment Options :Mental Health Therapies

Mental health therapies are meant to treat your emotional and spiritual conditions when you experience any fear, anxiety, depression, and stress. It helps in restoring your self-pride, self-esteem, dignity that will improve the quality of your life.

The number of people who are suffered from mental problems has been increasing day by day. There is an alarming increase in the number of people around us who are suffering from mental disorders. Psychological sickness is prevalent among individuals who are drug addicts.

The most common mental health disorders are clinical depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, phobias, etc. And all of them require medical attention for the cure. Psychological therapies can be done by psychologists, expert psychiatrists who can therapeutically heal the disorder.

  1. Mental Health And Addiction:

Mental Health And Addiction

The person who has a mental condition like any trauma, depression, or anxiety can use substances or drugs to find peace. The usage of the medicines in this condition can worsen mental health. It might give the person temporary relief from tension, but eventually, it leads to incredibly destructive drug addiction. When a person is the victim of both mental problems and drug abuse simultaneously, the condition is called dual-diagnosis.

Dealing with drug or alcohol addiction is not easy, and if it is accompanied by mental health, it gets more complicated. Addiction treatments include a section of treating the mental health of a person. That is because the chances of getting anxiety during the procedure are incredibly high.

But there are many mental health treatments and addiction treatments that can bring you back to life. These therapies are complicated at first, but with the firm will power, moral support, and expert professionals, this journey of recovering becomes easier.

  1. Early Signs Of Mental Disorders:

Signs Of Mental Disorders

It is tough to detect when a person starts developing mental disorders. The following are some signs that indicate that a person has begun developing mental illness:

  • Excessive usage of drugs
  • Discontinue the activities which you used to enjoy
  • Intense sleeping disorder or insomnia
  • Do not find happiness in anything.
  • Muscle pain and low energy level
  • Unusual emotional behavior
  • Confusion or low confidence
  • Unable to perform or complete the simple tasks
  • Thought of self-harm and suicide
  • Extreme overthinking
  1. Treatment:

Mental Disorder Treatment

People who are suffering from mental problems or depression are very vulnerable to alcohol and substances. Using drugs to overcome stress is never the way out. It increases the questions for you.

There are some effective therapies which can help you with mental problems and addiction:

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: It helps the person in recognizing his/her harmful activities and behavior and helps in changing the way of thinking
  2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: This therapy helps the addict in accepting his/her situation and giving them moral support to overcome it. This therapy is designed to help that person to finish suicidal thoughts and self-harm.
  3. Assertive Community Treatment: It helps the person in engaging with other people who had or still are experiencing the same condition. It gives them hope of recovery to the patient.
  4. Therapeutic Community: In this kind of therapy, the individual lives in a rehab center where the addiction treatment continues under expert care. And the professionals help the person in getting over the mental disorders. The person rearranges and organizes his life and is cut off from drug usage.
  5. Contingency Management: In this therapy, the individual is encouraged to get better and get small rewards when they recover and give a positive response to mental health therapies.

There are some other one on one therapies with the psychiatrist that help people who have been dealing with mild mental issues and addiction. The use of medication is also beneficial for addiction treatment and mental health. In extreme cases, the withdrawal symptoms are controlled by detox.

  1. Why Should You Choose Group Therapy For Mental Problems?

Group Therapy For Mental Problems

For the counseling therapy of alcohol addiction treatment, you should go for group therapy rather than individual treatment. People choose individual therapy because they are ashamed of their condition. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. Anyone can suffer from these conditions, and we need love from our family and friend to get through this challenging phase of life.

When you join group therapy, you feel motivated by peers and fellow individuals, and the chances of recovery increase. However, for the treatment of dual diagnosis or bipolar disorders, you should opt for individual therapy.

Before selecting your course of treatment, consult an expert psychiatrist, and explain your condition freely. After the discussion, you should go for the therapy which suits you best.

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Himanshu Shah
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