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In Delhi, swine flu attacked the judges of the Supreme court while they were attending a meeting with the chief justice of India. It has affected five judges, and they are suffering from a viral illness. It was stated that the result of the swine flu test is positive for the five judges of the Supreme court. It was also said that the disease occurs two times in a year, generally from January to March and July to September. These attacks are increasing fear in people.


Swine Flu Attacking Delhi

Swine Flu Attacking Delhi

It was also noted that the hospital got at least four to five people with the symptoms of swine flu in the last two weeks. Most of the patients were facing mild symptoms like fever, running nose, and sore throat. In case if a person is facing a breathing problem, then that person needs to gets admitted for regular monitoring. A doctor has also reported that all virus keeps changing and because of which the transmission rates can get higher. Doctors have also said to take preventive vaccination to the people who are suffering from diabetes.


The swine flu is spreading very rapidly all over the county, but especially Delhi. The virus started in the year 2009 and has now become a seasonal viral disease. The National center for disease control reported that in the last two months, the flu is ruling over the Delhi city. The shocking part is that in the previous two months, 152 cases of swine flu have been recorded in Delhi. However, there is no death case reported because of this disease. Last year around 3,267 cases were recorded in which 31 people died. 


The latest report of the country is that 884 people have affected by swine flu in the last two months. Fourteen people have died because of the disease. Tamil Nadu, 152 by Karnataka have reported one hundred seventy-two cases, and 148 people suffered in Telangana.


Swine Flu

150 Swine Flu Cases In Delhi

Swine flu is a disease caused by a virus called H1N1. It is a spreadable disease. The virus enters the human body via inhalation of air, and it can also attack you by contaminated surface. High fever, breathing problems, headache, irritation in eyes, aches in body and muscle, vomiting, running nose are some symptoms of swine flu.


How To Prevent Yourself From Swine Flu?

How To Prevent Yourself From Swine Flu

The first and the most important thing to keep yourself safe from swine flu is to maintain hygiene. You should also follow the essential cleaning habits such as washing hands if you go out from home. Keep a habit of keeping hand sanitizer with you always. Try not to ignore any of the symptoms of the disease and quickly have a check-up with your doctor. People are also advised to wear face masks when going out.


It is also suggested, if someone is affected by the disease, then he should try to keep himself away from other people so that it should not get spread. Apart from all this, vaccines are also provided to get rid of the virus. The rates of vaccination start from Rs. 400 to Rs. 800 in India.

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