Top 9 Proven And Effective Ways To Improve Male Fertility

Male Fertility

If you and your partner are having fertility problems, you are not alone. Infertility is more common than you may think or assume. It affects one out of every six couples, with researchers estimating that one out of every three cases is due to fertility issues in the male partner alone. While infertility is not always curable, there are some things you can do to improve it. A healthy diet, supplements, and other lifestyle changes can sometimes improve fertility. This article discusses some of the main lifestyle factors, foods, nutrients, and supplements that have been linked to increased male fertility.

What 9 Ways A Male Can Follow To Improve His Fertility?

  1. Consistently Exercise

Aside from being good for your overall health, regular exercise can increase testosterone levels and improve fertility.

According to studies, men who exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels and better sperm quality than inactive men.

However, excessive exercise may have the opposite effect and potentially lower testosterone levels. Getting the right amount of zinc can help to reduce this risk.

If you rarely exercise but want to improve your fertility, make physical activity a top priority.

  1. Unwind And Reduce Stress

It’s difficult to get in the mood when you’re stressed, but there could be more to it than just not feeling up for sex. Stress can decrease sexual satisfaction and impair fertility.

Cortisol, according to researchers, may explain some of the negative effects of stress.

Prolonged stress raises cortisol levels, which have a strong negative impact on male fertility. When cortisol levels rise, testosterone levels fall, which impacts fertility in males.

While medication is usually used to treat severe, unexplained anxiety, relaxation techniques can help with milder forms of stress.

Reducing stress can be as easy as walking in the woods, meditating, exercising, or spending time with friends.

  1. Consume Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D is beneficial to both male and female fertility. Another nutrient that can increase or boost testosterone levels.

According to one observational study, vitamin-D-deficient men were more likely to have low testosterone levels.

These findings were supported by a controlled study of 65 men with low testosterone levels and vitamin D deficiency. Taking 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily for a year increased their testosterone levels by approximately 25%.

High vitamin D levels may have been linked to increased sperm motility, but the evidence is mixed.

  1. Give Tribulus Terrestris A Try 

The medicinal plant Tribulus Terrestris, often known as Puncture Vine, is frequently used to increase male fertility.

One study found that ingesting 6 grams of Tribulus root twice daily for two months increased libido and erectile function in males with low sperm counts. Tribulus Terrestris does not increase testosterone levels, but studies suggest that it may increase testosterone’s libido-enhancing effects.

  1. Take Fenugreek Supplements

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a well-known herb for both cooking and medicine.

One study examined the results of ingesting 500 mg of fenugreek extract daily in 30 males who exercised four times per week.

In comparison to a placebo, the men’s testosterone levels, strength, and fat reduction were all significantly higher.

Taking 600 mg of Testofen, a dietary supplement manufactured from fenugreek seed extract and minerals, daily for six weeks increased strength, libido, and sexual performance in 60 healthy men, according to a different study.

An additional, more extensive investigation involving 120 healthy men supported these results. Taking 600 mg of Testofen daily for three months increased sexual activity and self-reported erectile function.

  1. Have Sufficient Zinc

High concentrations of Zn, which is an essential mineral. It is important for every male. One of the foundational elements of male fertility is getting an adequate amount of zinc.

According to observational studies, low testosterone levels, poor sperm quality, and a higher risk of male infertility are all related to low zinc status or insufficiency.

Additionally, persons who are poor in zinc might raise their testosterone levels and sperm count by taking zinc supplements.

  1. Ashwagandha, The Medicinal Plant

Withania somnifera, or Ashwagandha, a herb used for medical purposes, has a long history in India.

According to studies, Ashwagandha may increase testosterone levels, hence enhancing male fertility.

One study has found that ingesting 675 mg of ashwagandha root extract daily for three months dramatically increased fertility in males with low sperm counts.

  1. Consume Maca Root

Supplements with maca root extract may increase libido, fertility, and sexual performance.

Popular plant food is maca root which is mostly available in central Peru. It has been utilized historically for its capacity to increase libido and sperm cell counts in males.

A number of research on men revealed that consuming 1.5–3 grams of dried maca root for up to 3 months increased libido or self-reported sexual desire.

  1. Take Supplements Containing D-Aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid is available in the form of D-aspartic acid (D-AA), which is marketed as a nutritional supplement.

Whereas D-aspartic acid is totally different from L-aspartic acid, which is far more typical of D-AA and contributes to the construction of numerous proteins.

D-AA is mostly found in a few glands, which include testicles, semen, and sperm cells.

So, we hope you love these proven and effective ways to improve your fertility. Stay in touch with us for more information.

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