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Top 9 Issues Men Face Today

We like to listen from men of all ages and backgrounds who want to share an honest and frank discussion or opinion about the issues that men ought to face today. We only think that women are facing issues every day but that is not completely the truth. Here are the nine issues that men face today.



As per the position of female and male in society, hold to change, so to do the dynamics from the administrative center to the bedroom and everywhere in between. So what does this mean for the community?

We like to listen from men of all ages and backgrounds who want to share an honest and frank discussion or opinion about the issues that men ought to face today. Here are the nine issues that men face today.

Lists of 9 Issues That Men Facing Today

  1. Domestic Abuse – 

Domestic Abuse

It’s a depressing truth of existence that some people get off on controlling others. Since lifestyles are horrible, this often interprets to marriages in which one accomplice physically or emotionally abuses the other. Abuse of men takes place a long way more frequently than you may expect—in both heterosexual and same-intercourse relationships. It occurs to men from all cultures and all walks of life, no matter age or occupation.

  1. Workplace Deaths – 

Workplace Deaths

If you want to listen to a shockingly weird statistic, they don’t come much more shocking or bizarre than this: men account for a ninety-three percentage of all administrative center deaths in the workplace 93 per cent. That’s one of these disproportionate numbers that it shouldn’t be possible even through accident—specifically considering girls work 40 three per cent of all hours worked each year.

  1. Unemployment – 


Nowadays, unemployment is a serious problem among youth. In the early 1990s, male unemployment rocketed to a high of 12.8 in step with per cent, up 5.7 points in a little beneath years, while woman unemployment changed into nearly unchanged, increasing by just 1.5 factors.

  1. Sex And Intimacy – 

Sex And Intimacy

It is the most severe issue that men face today. You are likely some manner of pleasant your full capability in life. If you’ve grown up in an average Western (or many different cultures) social environment, it’s far probable which you were delivered up with a variety of sexual woundedness and shame.

  1. Violence – 


Generally, men lead to more violent lives than women. Men are much more likely to sign up for gangs or to be concerned about violence than women. It’s no longer a marvel to discover that maximum men have been encouraged via their parents to punch children who insulted them at the same time as they have been young.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations – 

Unrealistic Expectations

We live in very aggressive times, and our society expects a person to achieve success in every component of his life. According to the community, you aren’t successful in case you don’t have a stable source of income, a family, a residence, and a car. Most of the instances, stress reaches the parameters of the one are piled on the pinnacle of the house; he should be men.

  1. Infertility – 


Women and men can revel in infertility, yet it’s effect felt more with the aid of men in comparison to women as once in a while. Such guys are mocked by way of society. Most of the time, guys who have infertility pull out from friends, subsequently main a lonely life.

  1. Anger Management – 

Anger Management

Men who warfare with anger management want to take full obligation for dealing with their feelings. This is easier stated than done. Anger is a reaction to outside circumstances. It can be tough for men, or everybody, for that matter, to manage feelings that they perceive as being provoked by way of others.

  1. Change Of Roles – 

Change Of Roles

The new circle of relatives trends and patterns have been paralleled by adjustments in gender roles, and recently also the transformation of the male position with a more intense involvement in family responsibilities, particularly care for children. It is also the main issue faced by men.

Conclusion – For steady and sustainable social development, women and men need to have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities: gender equality. Activities mainly aimed at improving the position and participation of girls are essential as well: empowering. An aggregate of the two techniques is the most effective.

Himanshu Shah is the chief marketing officer at 99HealthIdeas.Com, and he is also a young enthusiastic writer who is gumptious and talented. He has sound analytical and technical skills. He is a blogger, Digital Marketing Expert who likes to write about health and fitness.

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