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Top 9 Causes Of Eye Problems

Check out the many causes of critical eye problems like diabetes, lack of vitamin A, sickle cell disease, and more. Also, stay protected from eye injuries with the help of sunglasses and other protective gear.



Causes Of Eye Problems

Can you imagine a day without vision? Scary, right? Taking care of your eyes should be paramount to everyone for their well-being. We see all the worldly miracles with our eyes and a problem threatening that threatens our whole existence. You will be surprised to know how many people worldwide are caught unaware of eye problems. Around 1 billion people with vision problems could have easily prevented this condition, yet they fail to take action at the opportune time. So, it is wiser to keep your eyes healthy, and to do that; you should know the most common causes that lead to eye-related diseases.

Check out the many causes of critical eye problems like diabetes, lack of vitamin A, sickle cell disease, and more. Also, stay protected from eye injuries with the help of sunglasses and other protective gear.

Here are the top 9 causes of eye problems:

  1. Unchecked Or Uncorrected Refractive Error:

A New Pair Of Glasses

Didn’t go to the clinic yet for a new pair of glasses? Then, rush in get your specs before you spoil your eyes. Conditions like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia are the most common ones that can lower life quality. Nowadays, you can also eliminate them with the help of refractive surgery. Alternatively, you can even don a stylish look with some trendy contact lenses.

  1. Diabetes/Blood Sugar Level:

Blood Sugar Level

High Sugar levels can affect the retina’s blood vessels and cause diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes type 1 and type 2 patients are most susceptible to health complications like macular edema and glaucoma. If this condition is left as it is, it may pass on to the next stage where the retina can leak into the macula.

  1. High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure

While high blood pressure can be controlled, it is a known fact that it can become an entry point for many other diseases like cardiovascular condition, diabetes, and obesity. BP can damage the blood vessels connected with both the eyes.

  1. Lack Of Vitamin A:

Lack Of Vitamin A

Every disease can make way into your body if you are not careful about taking care of your health. The deficiency of Vitamin A can result in dry eyes, night blindness, and many other disorders.

  1. Sickle Cell Disease:

Sickle Cell Disease

Abnormally shaped blood cells in sickle cell disease can disrupt blood flow and cause issues with the eyes’ retina. The retina of our eyes is very sensitive, and we should take care of it well.

  1. Skin Conditions Like Rosacea:

Skin Conditions Like Rosacea

Surprised? Well, we will solve this for you. This inflammatory health condition affects the skin of the face and chest, one of the reasons being excessive sun exposure. This disease attacks the cornea of the eye leading to dry eyes.

  1. Undetected Autoimmune Diseases:

Get Rid Of Tiny Bumps

It shouldn’t be surprising that many autoimmune illnesses like Behcet disease are problems in vision. In some developing countries, these diseases are the leading cause of vision loss.

  1. Lifestyle Habits:

Lifestyle Habits

While spending too much screen time is pretty normal for many working individuals; it can put a severe strain on the eyes. Concentrating on the TV or the computer screen for hours together can result in dry, red, and itchy eyes. Work might be necessary, but considering giving your eyes some rest at regular intervals is a good idea to keep them healthy. Also, you should get proper sleep, especially if you are working during the night. For a night of deep sleep, you should keep away from electronics like phones before your bedtime.

  1. Eye Protection:

Eye Protection

Many people take it very lightly and have to bear the repercussions later. You can protect your eyes from injury by wearing safety glasses. You should protect yourself during swimming, mowing the lawn, working on home improvement projects, etc.

Now that you know what can cause eye problems, you should be careful to consider these conditions and take care of your precious health.

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