Top 7 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Many people possess inconsistent weight gain, which requires weight management. If you are interested in losing weight, then you are on the right page. Here are top 7 yoga poses for weight loss.

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Weight gain nowadays is a significant concern for most of us, and we wish to reduce our weight by the most possible easier way so, today in this article we will talk about some of the easy methods to shed some extra weight and feel good.

Weight gain seems to affect our body the most as it leads to a low-performance level, poor mental and physical health, low self-esteem, and you feel lazy and less energetic all the time. By cutting extra fats can improve your immunity as well.

The most ancient way to lose weight is yoga. As everyone knows, it is a technique to strengthen your mind, body, and soul. Yoga can improve your physical as well as mental health. Today in this article, we are specifically going to talk about yoga poses for weight loss. These poses are proven to help reduce weight loss if practiced in a daily routine.

To know more and learn some yoga poses[asanas], make sure to read the entire article.

Impact Of Weight Gain On Your Life

Weight gain is a pervasive problem identified in adults as well as children and older people. Weight gain is the root cause of many diseases, such as

  • heart disease
  • Diabetics
  • Arthritis
  • Stroke
  • Stress and depression
  • pregnancy issues etc.

 It is essential to maintain the weight of the body to stay fit and healthy.

Weight gain lowers your confidence and desire to work or wear your favorite clothes, which leads you to feel bad about your body, yet you are just confused and stressed about how to control the weight gain.

What One Can Do To Control Weight Gain

Eating habits affect the most when it comes to weight gain. Here we are not talking about following a strict diet, but we need to control eating unhealthy foods.

You only need to eat home-cooked healthy food, including fresh green vegetables cooked in less oil or ghee. Twice a week, one should give a break to our body by eating fruits or milk and brown rice or milk and chapati if possible.

Don’t overeat; always remember we are eating to satisfy your stomach and not help your mind, so try to eat in intervals. Include dry fruits and fruits which contain more water.

The other most essential and very well-known thing to lose weight is ‘exercise.’

It would help if you started exercising to keep your health better and lose extra fats.

People can hit the gym, aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, etc., but for me, the best exercise to improve your health along with the benefit of losing some extra fat is ‘yoga.’

Which Are The Yoga Poses To Lose Body Weight?

We will begin with simple yoga poses. Once your body gets used to it, we will jump to a mild to moderate level.

  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

For me, the best way to begin the weight loss journey is Surya namaskar which includes twelve asanas i.e

  • Pranamasana (prayer pose)
  • Hastauttasana (raised arm pose)
  • Hastapadasana (standing forward bend)
  • Ashwasanchalanasana (equasrian or low lunging pose)
  • Dandasana(full plank pose)
  • Ashtangasana (eight limb pose)
  • Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Adhomukhasana (downward facing pose)
  • Ashwasanchalanasana
  • Hastapadasana
  • Hastuattadasana
  • Tadasana( mountain pose)
  1. Chaturangdandasana


It is a plank pose which is the most critical asana to strengthen our core by maintaining a posture for a minute or more. The more you hold the pose, the more you lose the tummy.

  1. Trikonasana


This is a triangle pose or warrior pose to improve your concentration, and it will tone your whole body, including arms, legs, glutes, tummy shoulders, etc.

  1. Dhanurasana


This asana helps to keep your stomach feels good from the inside out. It helps to lose belly fats, improves your blood circulation and flexibility.

  1. Utkatasana


It is a chair or half squat pose which tones our shoulders, hips, legs, and back. It is suitable for the heart as well. You only need to hold the pose for some time to get better results.

  1. Naukasana


It is a boat pose to get a flat belly by contracting our abs when we try to maintain the posture for a longer time.

  1. Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana

Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana

This yoga asana is good to lose belly fat and improve your back and glutes’ strength. It is a bridge pose, and you have to hold the pose for 10-15 sec for beginners.

Along with yoga, you need a proper sleep cycle, diet, and a bit of patience. Do try this yoga asana with a good healthy diet and see your body and mind’s fantastic result.


Many people suffer from inconsistent weight gain and need proper direction to manage weight with appropriate diet and home exercise. One should try to emphasize on steps given in this article, and after that, we can assume to get desired body.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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