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Tips And Advice On Menopausal Skin

Menopause is the universal condition for women. During menopause, a lot of changes take place in their bodies. But, what about their skin? Does it show any changes? Let’s see about the skin of women during menopause and its natural nourishment tips.



Skin Care Tips

Menopause is the universal condition for women. During menopause, a lot of changes take place in their bodies. But, what about their skin? Does it show any changes? Let’s see about the skin of women during menopause and its natural nourishment tips.

What Is Menopause And When Does It Occur?

Menopause can typically be defined as a life stage when women stop having their menstrual cycles. This stage comes in the life of women at the age of 45-50. Menopause is a gradual process and takes at least 1-2 years for completion. During this time, there is the occurrence of a lot of changes in the bodies of women.

These changes can be both emotional as well as physical. These changes contribute to the new appearance and internal structure of a woman. Some women may have constant mood swings and may get irritated very soon while the others may have irregular quantity and time-spans of their menstrual cycle. However, almost all women go through various skin changes from the start of their menopause till its end.

What Type Of Changes Does Menopausal Skin Show?

Menopausal skin shows a lot of changes that seem to be natural but too fast sometimes. These changes can be taken in a good way and treated in time so that any permanent damage is not caused to your skin. Following are some common changes that take place on a menopausal skin-

  • Occurrence Of Hot Flashes:

Hot flashes are a special kind of rashes that appear on the face of women when they are going through their menopausal phase. These rashes can leave irremovable dark spots on women’s faces.

  • Reduced Quantity Of Collagen:

Reduction of collagen pigment in the body causes loss of elasticity from women’s skin during the time of their menopause. When collagen reduces in the body at the time of menopause, women start getting wrinkles on their face and body parts and this can lead to skin aging at a slow but constant rate.

The amount of collagen reduction is not fast in women’s bodies. But, even at a steady rate, this can cause a big influence on their skin. Increasing the rate of collagen in women’s bodies when they are at their menopausal phase, helps in reducing the wrinkling of their skin. This also keeps the skin elasticity of women constant and only this way, you can protect your skin from getting damaged permanently. Also, till the time your menopausal phase passes, you may get a much clearer and fresh skin texture.

  • Increase In The Quantity Of Facial Hair:

During the menopausal period, the amount of facial hair in women also increases rapidly. Sometimes threading your facial hair once in a month is enough, but during your menopausal period, you may seem to experience a constant threading need, at least twice a month. This is because of the genetic changes taking place in your body.

All the above changes should be noticed well in time and treated properly so that they don’t leave long-lasting effects on the bodies of people. However, treating them should be done only by natural means or by the recommendation of an expert itself.

Tips And Advice To Keep Your Skin Better During Menopause:-

Keeping your skin better during menopause is a very crucial thing. This will prevent any permanent damage caused to the skin. There exist certain tips and guidelines that can be used to keep your skin active and regenerating even during your menopausal period. Some of them can be listed as below-

  • Use Cleanser To Wash Your Acne Skin:

Women who have numerous and enlarged acne on their skin should use cleansers from time to time to clean them. Some acne may also be the result of some pimples or menopausal rashes. If these acnes are cleansed regularly, then all the dirt and harmful microbes will be removed from them. This will help in making the skin acne-free rapidly.

  • Keep Your Skin Hydrated:

Hydrating your skin at regular intervals does not let any dryness come near it. This will help in purifying the skin and keeping it refreshed and soft. That is why various hydrating agents, especially natural ones, should be used by women to protect their skin from getting dried up due to the menopausal process.

  • Change Your Previous Cosmetics With Menopausal Skin Cosmetics:

Normal cosmetics and menopausal cosmetics have a major difference in them. Normal cosmetics are designed to suit the skin of all women of a particular type, however, menopausal cosmetics are customized according to the skin type and menopausal symptoms of individual women. So, using menopausal cosmetics will affect the infected areas of the skin and give quick relief to women as compared to normal cosmetics.

  • Don’t Pop Any Pimple With Hands Or Plucking Tool:

Popping or plucking out your pimples will leave dark spots of the same on the skin. Pimples are temporary and can be removed by a lot of natural processes. But, once these pimples leave dark spots, removing them becomes almost impossible. So, make sure not to pop or pluck out any pimple with the plucking tool.

  • Don’t Let Your Skin Get Tanned:

Skin tanning may not be repaired very soon in the menopause phase as compared to the normal health condition of women. Also, women can get prone to sunburns very easily if they get exposed to the sun for longer. That is why women are recommended to apply sunscreens whenever they go outside and do not let their skin get tanned at all.

The above tips and advice should be followed properly by every woman so that they can protect their skin during this temporary menopausal period. These tips will also help them prevent any serious damage that can be caused to their skin during this period.

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