The Best Remedy For Baldness – 9 Awesome Ways To Regain Hair

Nowadays, most of the men are facing the problem of baldness due to many reasons. As of review done by the American Hair Loss Association, roughly 70 % of men encounter baldness by the point they are 35. And till they are 50 more than 85% of men encounter hair loss plus thinning. While there are many reasons due to which men lose their hair, such as stress, pollution, genetic baldness, diseases, etc. but there is also much treatment available to cope with hair loss.

Causes: Baldness can happen due to many reasons, but the most likely cause is genetics. Male pattern baldness is a hereditary situation and is the most usual cause of male baldness. It can originate as early as puberty or develop much later. It is a gradual process that happens in a predictable pattern affecting the temples and the front part of the middle of the scalp majorly. Another cause of hair loss is scalp infections, hormonal changes, skin disorders, hair-pulling disorder, medications, radiation treatment, stress, trauma, etc. due to which an individual can suffer baldness.

Treatment: There are many ways to evade hair loss. Some of the most efficient and quickly available common ways to prevent hair loss are:

  1. Balanced Diet:

Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet with proper nutrition and at an appropriate time is just because most of the time, men do not have a proper diet, which is the most common reason for hair loss.

  1. Hair Care:

Hair Care

Haircare is one of the most important things to remember, so if you are facing hair loss, the use of combs with more vast spaces between bristles, avoid harsh treatments and hairstyles that most teenagers do use gels, hair sprays and all due to which hair loss happens. Also, switching medications to prevent the side effects of hair loss, if possible, is an excellent way to avoid hair loss.

  1. Medications:

Hair Serums

There are medications available either tablets or hair serums easily on any pharmaceutical store, which may help treat hair loss but also consult a doctor before taking any medicines to avoid any side effects of these medications.

  1. Therapies:

Hair Therapies

They are many therapists available all over the country, which provide certain combinations of drugs, ointments, creams, and shampoos, which help to avoid hair treatment. Also, many companies and doctor offer other therapies which give the best course of action to take and tailor treatment based on the individual man’s needs.

  1. Surgeries:


Nowadays most convenient and easy way is to have hair transplant surgery, which involves removing hair follicles from the back of the head and placing them on the scalp, which is a little costly and painful but most effective way to cure baldness.

  1. Laser Combs:

Laser Combs

A new invention for hair loss which is claimed to promote hair growth by using concentrated light that stimulates hair follicles. But until now, the treatment success ratio is 50%, but also, when mixed with another form of treatment, it has given better results.

  1. Wigs:


When none of the hair treatment works or is out of your budget, then the best pocket-friendly way is to use Wigs and hairpieces which is not as costly as most of the procedures and can cover the baldness easily without giving another person any look of

  1. Fake Hairs:

Fake Hairs

Conclusion: Hair Loss is a common problem faced by men nowadays, but it can be treated without any hassle if proper care and precautions are practiced before the damage. That too at a low cost and you can have your beautiful hairs again and look as handsome as you were before.

  1. Supplementary For Baldness:

Supplementary For Baldness

Hair transplant is common nowadays but expensive in comparison too. If your hair loss issue is not too much higher, repair it with Vestige hair skin and nail capsules.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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