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The 7-Day Vegetarian GM Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Simply by adding more carbs and low calories to our diet, the GM diet is a sure shot method of weight loss. However, one needs to take care of their diet post the 7-Day GM diet plan; if you again start consuming high calories after the 7th Day, you might gain more weight than you lost. Add nuts and nutrients to your diet but keep the calories low post the GM diet period.



Big companies invest in future assets, and that’s what General Motors – The biggest American auto-mobile company did. They designed a diet plan with the help of the Food and Drug Administration in 1985 for its employees. The idea behind this diet plan was to provide every employee with a holistic diet that would add to their energy and keep them fit to work efficiently. The company would provide a GM diet Meal to its employees every day. The result of this initiative was that the company’s employees were healthy, fit, and energetic. This enhanced energy directly reflected in their work, and it significantly increased the total productivity of the company.

The 7-Day Vegetarian GM Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The original GM diet plan was a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian elements, but over the last three decades, doctors and dieticians have endorsed this diet plan and have created equally effective GM diet plans with only vegetarian elements.

But before we start the Day-wise breakup of the food plan, let’s understand the impact of the GM diet plan.

  1. According to the original GM diet report, the diet plan helps users lose at least 10 pounds of weight in a week.
  2. The plan is designed to reduce weight without impacting the energy levels of the users.
  3. It cleanses the inner system as it contains food rich in water. The fluids help to drain the toxins from the body.
  4. GM diet is a high fibre diet loaded with fruits and vegetables. Thus it improves the digestive process.

Now that we know the miraculous effect of the diet let’s see the real Day-wise diet plan.

Day 1.  Meal:

Consume Fruits Day 1

The First Day is always the hardest, so you need to be cautious. On the First Day, you can only consume fruits. However, the good news is that the quantity of fruits is not specified, therefore eat till your stomach is full. The most recommended fruits are – lime, apples, oranges, watermelon, pomegranates, strawberries, and melons. It’s advisable to stay away from bananas, grapes, litchis, and mangoes. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated; drink at least 7-8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Day 2 Meal:

Only Vegetables Day 2

Day 2 is your ‘Happy veggies Day.’ No fruits on this Day, only vegetables in raw or boiled form. Avoid adding spices to your vegetables; salt and pepper with a spoon of butter or ghee is all you need on this Day. The 2nd-Day diet aims to provide you with energy and rich carbohydrates. Also, keep drinking enough water throughout the day.

Day 3 Meal:

Fruits, Vegetable & Salad Day 3

Day 3 gets a little interesting. It adds all the goodness of Days 1 and 2 to your bucket. On the 3rd day, you can eat the fruits mentioned for Day 1, along with the vegetables you had on Day 2. Treating yourself with a good wholesome salad would not be a bad idea on Day 3. However, avoid potatoes on Day 3 as you already have many fruits and veggies to supply the heavy dose of carbohydrates. Chew your food properly and enjoy the Meal with a pinch of lemon and basil.

Day 4 Meal:

Banana Milkshakes Day 4

Humans are mostly driven towards things that are forbidden; the bible stands testimony to this fact. On the first, you were advised to stay away from bananas, but on the fourth day, you need to only eat bananas with milk. From breakfast to dinner, try out need milkshakes, smoothies with these two ingredients and enjoy the transformational journey. The banana and milk combination will supply potassium and sodium to the body.

Day 5 Meal:

Tomatoes Sprouts Paneer And Soya Day 5

Each Day gets better than the previous. The fifth day is a feast day where you can munch on tomatoes, sprouts, paneer, and soya. You can make a tasty soup with all these ingredients and enjoy your Day 5. Make sure you do not eat more than 6 tomatoes, and do not forget to hydrate yourself with enough water.

Day 6 Meal:

Palak Paneer Day 6

The sixth Day is a rich combination of sprouts, paneer, and green vegetables. However, on the 6th Day, stay away from tomatoes. You can create a soup or a salad with these ingredients. By now, your body is already feeling light and happy. Just 1 more Day to go.

Day 7 Meal:

Fulll Meal Day 7

This is the last and final leap that will create a brand new You. On this Day, your plate will have a balanced combination of fresh juices, one cup of brown rice, 2 chapatis, one salad, and one sabji. By now, your appetite is also under control, so do not overfeed yourself; your system will signal once it is full.

The Final Word:

Undoubtedly GM diet is a tried and tested method of weight reduction. However, you must keep two things in mind. First, you cannot do it throughout the month. Once in two months is a good start. Secondly, you need to keep yourself hydrated each Day throughout the diet plan. Your body will be changing from within. Thus water intake must be enough.

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