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The Mediterranean diet was eaten by the people in countries like Italy and Greece. It is the traditional food which used to keep people healthy, and they use to get very fewer diseases. It has been discovered that the Mediterranean diet helps in preventing heart attacks, diabetes, cause weight loss and to live longer.

How To Plan A Mediterranean Diet?

How To Plan A Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet is a habit of an individual, and the food can be planned by changing your habits only. For this diet, you need to understand your body and eat according to how you want to maintain your body weight. It all depends on how you follow your diet and how much you stay active.

The Mediterranean diet includes vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, beans, flavourful herbs, and spices. You can also add nuts or other dry fruits like walnut, peanuts in your diet for a couple of times in a week. Occasionally, you can also have red wine to keep yourself physically active. Apart from it, you should try to avoid a few foods such as soda, ice cream, pasta, candies, bread, soya bean, hot dogs and sausages.

To Start Your Mediterranean Diet Here Are A Few Tips:

Mediterranean Diet

  • Try to eat 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day.
  • When you are eating spices and herbs, try to keep the amount of salt low.
  • Another common way is to substitute butter and other oil with olive oil.
  • Try to eat a salad two times a week and avoid eating fried or junk food.
  • Try to reduce the eating habits of oily food.
  • Try out a variety of chess in small amounts.

How To Have A Meal With A Mediterranean Diet?

Meal With A Mediterranean Diet

In the Mediterranean diet, having meals three times a day is enough. But in case if you are hungry, then you can go with some healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, carrots, Greek yogurt or apple slices. You can also make your meals or snacks according to your Mediterranean diet. The interesting thing which you can do in your Mediterranean diet is you can substitute the ingredients of the dishes which you want to prepare.

You won’t need to count every time about your calories. You can add heart-healthy ingredients in your dishes instead of the bad fats. Try adding the products or ingredients with a healthy fat. Even after all this, if somehow you have consumed fats, then you can compensate it in your exercise schedule.

Can Red Wine Be Consumed In The Mediterranean Diet?

Red Wine Be Consumed In The Mediterranean Diet

Many people are not sure about the red wine in the Mediterranean diet. This diet allows you to consume alcohol but in a limited amount. The alcohol reduces the risk of heart problems so one can add red wine in his Mediterranean diet. It is also suggested that starting to drink or drinking more amount of red wine should be based on health conditions. 

An Important Part Of The Mediterranean Diet 

Important Part Of The Mediterranean Diet

The most important part of the Mediterranean diet is exercise. It is suggested that people should do exercise of muscle-strengthening at least three times a week. One can start these exercises with walking and then switching to exercises.

Conclusion The Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and healthy, and you can also enjoy delicious food in it. It has been recorded that once the people who have to opt for the Mediterranean diet have refused to eat in any other way.

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah
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