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Everything You Need To Know About PCOD Or PCOS

There are several ways by which you can control the effect of this syndrome. PCOD/PCOS is commonly known as the Polycystic Ovary Disease and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, respectively. This syndrome is mainly known for the hormonal imbalance in women. The following information will give you everything you need to know about PCOD/PCOS.

Common Myths And Facts About Cancer That You May Not Know

Cancer is a dangerous disease, but nothing is impossible today. Taking care of our health and fitness, taking regular checkups of our body, and taking a healthy diet will help us stay away from cancer. Proper strategy, early detection, and timely treatment can trounce cancer. Being away from myths will be your priority if you want to beat cancer.

Facts And Myths About Blood Donation

Do you know, if you donate blood once, you can save up to three lives? We hope you are aware of these facts about blood donation because there are unlimited myths about blood donation. As per WHO, blood can be stored only up to a particular duration. Thus, it is advisable to donate blood so that lives can be saved.

10 Most Common Myths About Flossing

If you are missing your normal oral hygiene maintenance routine due to the myths associated with flossing, try to get rid of these myths. Floss regularly to have healthy and shiny teeth. Try not to stop flossing unless your dentist recommends you. Restore your oral health with regular flossing. Get in touch with us to know more.

Bursting The Myths Associated With Vitiligo

World Vitiligo Day is around the corner, and to raise awareness among the masses, it is crucial to burst most common myths related to this skin disorder. The color of the skin is determined by the melanin produced in our bodies. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that make this melanin die or stop functioning. This condition can affect skin color and is mostly misunderstood by many as leprosy.

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