Symptoms Of Depression That You Should Not Ignore

Symptoms Of Depression

Life is a fantastic collection of moments — there are ups and downs in our life. The human experience runs the entire spectrum from bringing new life into the world to saying goodbye to a loved one and everything that happens in it. And it’s messy at best.

Sadness and grief are indeed an inevitable part of life. But what is the line after which we believe that dire circumstances take the form of depression?

There’s no straight pattern of depression, and the situation can vary in the process from person to person. Symptoms may moderately go from mild, such as using a smartphone the whole day rather than taking a walk with a friend, to worse, such as not even getting out of bed to shower, or persistent thoughts of suicide.

Depression is a severe problem in today’s modern world. Worldwide an estimated 3.4% of the world population suffers from depression.

Here we discuss signs of depression that help you recognize depression that assists in identifying depression that justifies concern, whether in yourself or a loved one.

  • Prolonged Feelings Of Hopelessness Or Extreme Sadness

One of the most familiar signs of depression is extreme sadness and hopelessness in life.

 It’s not just that you feel miserable, but also you think there is no end to your suffering.

If this situation stays for more than two weeks, it should be understood that the time has come for mental health treatment. Generally, we see that if a person is living in constant misery, then a moment of happiness breaks the chain of that sadness, but it does not happen in a state of depression.

  • Changes In Sleep Patterns

The physical and mental exhaustion of depression may also affect our regular sleep patterns. Changes in sleep can show up in both extremes. Sometimes this looks like sleeping too much throughout the day. Contrarily, sleep changes can also create bouts of insomnia, making too little sleep or cause stay asleep at night. Missing out on quality peaceful sleep can increase our anxiety levels and add to feelings of distress.

Yes, usually, we all have patchy, restless nights and times when we’d instead rest in bed all day, but when you’re depressed, it goes all-inclusive. In this situation, Sleep issues become the norm, not the exception.

  • Appetite And Eating Issues

Our eating habits also come under considerable signs of depression. Again, Changes in appetite can show up in both extremes. Some people may encounter a complete loss of appetite, while others experience overeating/binge eating over a prolonged period.

These eating habits are signs that you or a loved one are suffering from depression.

  • Trouble Experiencing Happiness Or Bond

When we’re depressed, it can pull all of the pleasure out of the things we love and make it trickier for us to connect with friends or loved ones.

We may begin to lose attentiveness to hobbies, friendships, sports, social activities, romance, or life in general. We stop getting any joy from such activities. We may feel isolated from friends, family members, or loved ones who care about us when this happens.

  • Talks About Suicide

This symptom of depression is probably the hardest one to acknowledge in a friend or loved one. It’s frightening to think that someone you care about could be trying to kill himself. You should ensure that they’re overly dramatic or just kidding around. As per the national crime records bureau, an estimated 418 Indians die by suicide every day. Remarkably, suicide ranks as the second leading source of death for Indians aged 10 to 34. If you have ideas of suicide or a friend or loved one says something that doesn’t sit right, go with your gut instinct to get aid right away.

If you recognize any of the above signs of depression, please don’t ignore them. Take the help of others if you are suffering from depression or help others to get rid of this situation when you find these symptoms.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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