Summer 2021: Food Habits To Maintain Immunity

A healthy vegetarian diet for an entire day to boost our immunity system in summer 2021, starting from a delicious oatmeal breakfast and ending the dinner with light muesli yogurt recipe.

Food Habits To Maintain Immunity

How To Maintain Immunity

The summer of 2021 has come with the second wave Corona Virus, and therefore it is high time that everyone pays proper attention to their diet plan to maintain immunity. Three main factors leave a prominent impression on our immune system – adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy food habit. A vegetarian diet would be a better option to avoid the risk of getting infected by any sort of disease transmitted from animals.

So here we’ll be discussing a thorough diet plan for a day, starting from breakfast to dinner.

Oatmeal Breakfast

What can be better than starting on a sweet note with a chilled breakfast ?! Oatmeal is that option we can go with as our breakfast. It’s Not only healthy for the heart and tastes delicious but also super easy to prepare.

We need to take oats in a bowl that would be sufficient according to our varying appetite and soak it in a cup of cold milk overnight. Next morning add slices of banana and dates to sweeten the recipe. One can also add honey (optional ). Thus a super easy breakfast is ready in no time, which tastes like chilled dessert.

But if one doesn’t prefer cold milk, they can always go for cooking the Oatmeal. For that, we need to take half a cup of rolled oats and add them in a cup of water in a saucepan and start boiling them on flame for ten minutes or so. Then we can add slices of banana and dates while serving it.

Lunch – Spaghetti

This is a delicious recipe we can add to our diet plan as lunch which is rich in nutrients and can be prepared in just half an hour. The essential ingredients are vegetable or olive oil, vinegar, spaghetti, kidney beans, spinach, tomatoes, a large onion, a red chili, garlic, basil leaves, and olives, capers, parsley ( if available).

First, we need to cook the spaghetti for 10-15 minutes so that they soften properly but not so much that it gets sticky. Then we need to drain the entire water in a strainer. But collect water in which the spaghetti has been cooked in another saucepan while straining it. In the meantime, we need to chop all the vegetables.

In half cup of that leftover water, we’ll be cooking the kidney beans, chopped olives, capers, and also add the vinegar to it. We’ll add the spinach into the rest of the leftover water so that they wilt and drain the water.

Then in a large non-stick frying pan, we need to heat four tablespoons of vegetable/olive oil, add the chopped garlic, finely chopped onion, deseed sliced red chilies, and roughly cut tomatoes. When sauteed properly, we can add the cooked bean mixture and spinach into the frying pan along with the cooked spaghetti, mix and emulsify them together, sprinkle a handful of chopped parsley and basil, and here we go. Our tasty and equally healthy lunch is ready to be served on the platter.

Evening Snacks- Fruit Salad

After a long tiring summer day, what could lift our immunity and mood is a bowl full of colorful fruit salad. Summer with its scorching heat also brings many options in fruits which can amazingly boost the immune system.

Fruits that we can use in our salad would be watermelon; extremely hydrating in summer, cucumber that being fibrous is good for the stomach. Grapes are rich in vitamin k; mangoes are not only tasty but also treasure house of nutrients having Vitamin A, C, K, potassium, magnesium, and many more; pineapples loaded with Vitamin A, B6, E, K and also calcium.

We need to slice all the fruits beautifully and refrigerate them after adding some mint leaves to them, which is again rich in anti-oxidants. A glass of orange juice or lemon water can be added as complementary cause lemon is extremely rich in Vitamin C, which is beneficial to our immunity system.

Dinner- Muesli And Yogurt

Muesli is often preferred as a breakfast dish, but it is highly beneficial to have it in our dinner. Many dietitians often prescribe to have a light dinner; hence the muesli yogurt recipe seems perfect in the vegetarian diet. The ingredients required to prepare this nutrient-rich cuisine are half a bowl of muesli, 4-5 walnuts, an apple, raisins, honey, and of course, yogurt.

We need to add yogurt into the muesli along with chopped apple, sliced walnuts, a spoon full of raisin, and four teaspoons of honey and mix it well, and our dinner is ready.


So we have the diet plan for an entire summer day that we should adopt and follow the mantra of “Eat healthy, stay healthy!”

Summer 2021’s veg food chart consists of an oatmeal breakfast soaked in cold milk overnight added with sliced banana and dates. Then comes spaghetti as lunch loaded with vegetables and Vitamin-rich fruit salad as an evening snack complemented with lemon water, finally ends with a light recipe of muesli-yogurt duo garnished walnuts and raisins.

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