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Should I Focus On Weight Loss Or Health?

There is a never-ending debate about the benefits of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have decided to put an end to this debate. Continue reading to find our take on this.



Weight Loss Plan

Do you often get confused when you have to choose between losing weight and staying healthy? Do you wonder if you should alter your diet or live a healthy lifestyle? Focussing exclusively on weight loss can be tricky and, in certain cases, harmful for your body. However, maintaining a healthy daily routine has innumerable benefits.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should eat and live healthy instead of focusing on weight loss.

Ideal Body Shape Is A Sham:

Thanks to media and movies, our society has set up ideal body standards for both men and women. If you are currently out of shape, then it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re obese or unhealthy. You shouldn’t get fooled into believing that you’re unhealthy if you don’t have the perfect abs.

Extreme Weight Loss Plans Can Be Harmful:

In order to lose weight, people often resort to extreme diets. This does more harm than good to their body. Some people start with one weight loss plan, but if it doesn’t get give them the desired results, they quickly switch to another plan. The process goes on until they completely harm their body.

We would suggest that you should start living a healthy lifestyle. Go for morning walks or jogs. Sleep early and wake up early. Instead of depriving yourself of food, eat healthily and enjoy your meals.

Get Rid Of Weight Stigma:

Trust experts when they say that weight stigma is one of the major contributors to serious health problems. This stigma is so powerful that it often undermines everything else. According to various researchers, most obese people experience this stigma.

As the old saying goes, “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind” start living a healthy life for a healthier body. Instead of focussing on weight loss, just focus on maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy mindset.

Most Diets Fail:

Now, you might be wondering why we made such a bold statement. Well, most diet plans fail because we are humans. In fact, to err is human. So, it is difficult for us not to cheat on our diet plan. Soon everything goes haywire.

Once you can’t keep a check on your diet, guilt and self-blame start bothering you all day long. You may be a chronic dieter to deal with your weight loss issue, but it can completely mess up your mind. So, we would suggest that instead of trying irrational diet plans, direct your energy and focus on staying healthy.

Fad Diets Or Essential Nutrients: Your Choice

We don’t intend to bash fad diets because some of them do give positive results. But, you need to understand that our body is designed such that we should intake different types of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

For instance, grains are rich in fibre and iron. They are particularly helpful in constipation. Similarly, dairy products provide calcium, and vegetables provide the much-needed vitamins required for maintaining muscle mass. Imagine a fad diet which expects you to avoid these food items. Would you rather eat healthily or go for such a fad diet for quick weight loss.

You May Actually Gain Weight:

Surprised to read this? Numerous researchers and health experts agree on the fact that a majority of dieters often end up gaining more weight. You may spend countless days sticking to a diet or avoiding your favourite cheat meal, but when the downward spiral starts, you may end up binge eating and gaining weight again. The trick is to find the balance and enjoy life in the process.


While losing that extra mass from your body may seem like the top priority of your life, a healthy lifestyle can give you greater benefits. Simple behavioural changes like eating green vegetables and fruits, eating less after the sunset and exercising daily or going for morning walks can make your life beautiful. In other words, focus on living a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy and not lose weight.

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