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Sexual Dysfunction: Why, How And The Stigma Surrounding It!

Sexual dysfunction can disrupt your physical as well as mental health, making it essential to solving it. It can cause issues in your life and relationship as well. It is always good to know why it happens, the diagnosis, and the treatments related to it!

Sexual dysfunction can disrupt your physical as well as mental health, making it essential to solving it. It can cause issues in your life and relationship as well. It is always good to know why it happens, the diagnosis, and the treatments related to it!

Not able to get the sexual satisfaction you were supposed to? Don’t be ashamed to discuss it with your partner or doctor! According to the statistics worldwide, 40 percent of women suffer from it. And remember if you ignore it, it can lead to bigger issues in your life or even your relationship. Starting with physical health, everything else can be impacted due to sexual dysfunction. Also, it is completely treatable.

Sexual Dysfunction

So, when you have doctors to help you along and treatment options, why devoid yourself of the opportunity to continue living a good love life! Most women find it difficult to regain the same love life as they age! However, if you want to live a better life with your other half, you could go for it! It is not impossible; in fact, it is normal to want that.

Even though this topic is taken as a stigma all around the world, tackling it, head-on is always better than letting it slide off. Ultimately, the stigma isn’t essential; your well-being is! Do not think that it only affects you, because your partner and your family may also suffer if you don’t act on it! Irrespective of the taboo related to sex, there is no denying that it is still an important part when it comes to the relationship between life partners. Just like other health issues, this is a severe health problem that needs timely intervention.

Now that you know how common this problem is, it is wiser to know about it in detail! The more you know about it, the more prepared you are to deal with it. You won’t be caught unaware anytime soon. So, let’s understand why does this happens?

  • Health Conditions: There are health issues that can serve as a cause of sexual dysfunction. Health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver failure, alcohol, and drug abuse can intervene with sexual function.

Health Conditions

  • Lower Estrogen Levels: Although estrogen levels can fluctuate due to many reasons, one of the main reasons is menopause. So, generally, older women experience difficulties during sexual activity.

Lower Estrogen Levels

  • Psychological Problems: Just as depression, stress, or anxiety can result in irregular periods, it can also impact the satisfaction or the desire for sex. Mostly, the worry about your sexual performance may lead to more worries, and that, in return, can affect your sex life.

Psychological Problems

Now that we have dealt with the why let’s deal with the how! Before we get on with it, hope you are aware of what sexual response is comprised of. You need to pass the stage of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution during sexual activity.

  • Diminishing Interest In Sex: Conditions like pregnancy, hormonal changes, treatments like chemotherapy, depression, or just mere fatigue can decrease interest in sex. Sometimes though, just the same routine in sexual activity can add to disinterest in sex.

Diminishing Interest In Sex

  • Lower Sexual Arousal: While sometimes one may not feel aroused enough due to lack of vaginal lubrication, it may also be due to anxiety. If it is vaginal lubrication, you should initiate a conversation with your partner to solve the matter.

Lower Sexual Arousal

  • Anorgasmia: When you cannot feel or reach a peak during sexual activity, it may become a matter of concern. Trauma, fear of pain during intercourse, anxiety, or just inexperience can stop you from achieving the climax i.e., orgasm.


If you want to be free from this problem, a combined effort of doctors, your partner, and, most importantly, that of yours is needed. Your doctor will probably suggest a pelvis exam to examine your reproductive organs and a Pap smear to identify changes in the cervix.

To make a calculated decision, it is essential to know about the treatment options available. You can go through them below:

  • Educating Yourself: Many times, being aware of the condition can alleviate your doubts about sexual performance. It can help you in combating anxiety.

Educating Yourself

  • Improving Stimulation: When a lack of lubrication or interest is the cause of sexual dysfunction, you can use videos or even books of an erotic nature, masturbate or bring an exciting twist during sexual intercourse.

Improving Stimulation

  • Indulging In Non-Coital Behavior: Other activities apart from intercourse like sensual massage or even an affectionate and close hug can improve communication between partners before intercourse.

Indulging In Non-Coital Behavior

  • Alleviating Vaginal Pain: Talk with your partner and communicate the need to engage in sexual positions that do not hurt. Also, sexual lubricants can come to your aid to decrease friction and pain.

Alleviating Vaginal Pain

While these are common strategies to ensure your sexual well-being, you could even talk it out with your doctor to know about other options.

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