Sex During Menstruation Can Make Pregnant: 9 Myths

Sex During Menstruation

Sex during menstruation can make pregnant. If you don’t want to become pregnant, you need to use some barrier methods. During, period, there are more chances to become pregnant, so use protection.

It is true that sex during menstruation can make pregnant. All you need to get pregnant is sex every other day or sex on your most fertile days. In fact, you would still probably experience your most fertile period even if you had sex three times every week. You can use condoms to have safe sex and avoid pregnancy. You can avoid an unplanned baby by making some changes in your sex life. 

Is sex during menstruation can make pregnant? You will have a menstrual period during your reproductive years around once every month. There is no reason to refrain from sexual activity while you are on your period unless you are particularly squeamish. Period sex is safe even if it can be a little messy. Additionally, there are certain benefits to having sex life when you are menstruating, including a reduction in period cramps.

The majority of period myths are rooted in superstition, are untrue, and support gender inequality and limits on women’s behaviour. People find it more challenging to discuss their periods or determine whether their menstrual cycle is normal and healthy as a result of these myths. Myths can occasionally even make people feel confused and ashamed.

9 Myths About Sex During Menstruation Cycle

Myth 1: Having sex while on your period is harmful.

Although some people might find it awkward, having sex while on their period is not harmful. In reality, there are many benefits to period sex, including better mood, more lubrication, and less severe cramps. The biggest drawback is that, because menstrual blood is involved, it is significantly messier than usual intercourse.

Myth 2: If you have intercourse while you are on your period, you cannot become pregnant.

Although uncommon, it is possible to become pregnant while having your period. It’s possible for ovulation to occur before, during, or after the bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle, especially if your menstruation cycle is irregular.

Therefore, it is important to utilize protection or engage in safe sex even when one is on their period. This is also due to the increased risk of STDs in women at this time.

Myth 3: Any period of the month can result in pregnancy

You must have sex in the days preceding and immediately following your ovulation in order to become pregnant. Your two most fertile days are the day before ovulation and the actual day of ovulation. You cannot become pregnant after the egg has passed (often within a day after ovulation) until your subsequent menstrual cycle has begun. It is useless to use methods that tell you when you have ovulated if you are attempting to get pregnant.

Myth 4: Women don’t have to wash their hair while they’re on period.

Good thing this is a myth! This notion is unfounded because bathing and other routine grooming practices have nothing to do with a person’s menstrual cycle. Warm baths, taken twice daily, will make you feel lighter and relieve muscle cramps.

Myth 5: Can you get pregnant if you have sex life on your period

If you have intercourse while on your period, you could become pregnant. Your fertile window, or the part of your cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant, is influenced by a variety of physiological and environmental factors. If you engage in unprotected sex while on your period, conception may result.

Myth 6: Every woman ovulates on Day 14 of her cycle, which is always 28 days long.

The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, however since every woman is different, approximately half of the periods differ by 7 days or more1. Only 14% of women with a 28-day cycle who participated in a recent study involving more than 800 women actually ovulated on day 14. The ovulation day could be anywhere between day 11 and day 20. 2 Knowing when you are fertile might be challenging because ovulation time and menstrual cycle length differ.

Myth 7: If you have intercourse while standing up, you cannot become pregnant.

Pregnancy has nothing to do with position. No matter what position your body is in, the egg and sperm can migrate.

Myth 8: If you are really young, you cannot become pregnant.

Even if your body isn’t ready to manage the strain of pregnancy, you can become pregnant if your periods have started. In fact, a few weeks before their first period, some females ovulate. It is known for girls as young as 10 or 11 to become pregnant.

Myth 9: It’s true that getting pregnant takes longer when you have sex every day.

If you wanted to, you could have sex every day. However, there is no proof that it will make getting pregnant easier. Particularly if you don’t become pregnant in the first month, it’s much more likely to result in exhaustion and frustration.

Take Away

Sexual activity is still possible even if you are on a period. It is true that sex during menstruation can make pregnant. But it’s vital to keep in mind that women who are on their period can still become pregnant or contract an STI. In order to avoid unintended pregnancy and illnesses, persons should continue to use barrier methods of contraception such as condoms or dental dams during sexual activity.

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