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Covid 19

Post COVID 19 Care Tips: Things We Should Do

Here is an article for patients recovering from Coronavirus. The article covers the Union health ministry’s guidelines for post-Covid-19 care. The issued guidelines will enable patients as well as each one of us to prepare for a healthier tomorrow.



Post COVID 19 Care Tips: Things We Should Do

Post COVID 19 Care Tips

Almost a year ago, the world began to see the first cases of Covid19, Coronavirus. Then, we were made more cautious on how to prevent ourselves from getting sick. It has been a year now, and we have learned our lessons to safeguard our health. The past year has made us witness the worst of the cases, some from our family and friends. The time is right to know about the post-COVID care routine. If you or your near one suffered from this illness, it is essential to read this information and prepare your body for a healthier tomorrow.

Here is a handy guide for Coronavirus patients on post-Covid-19 care. Daily health routine, meal plan, and fitness regime to follow.

Things We Should Do.

As stated by the Union health ministry, the points discussed below help each individual gain lost health due to this deadly virus. The suggestions are based on a holistic health approach. Each of us should continue to wear a facemask and maintain social distance, whether or not we have been infected.

Daily Health Routine:

  1. Have warm water, an adequate amount daily.
  2. Practice yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama. Make sure to listen to your body and not stretch much. It is recommended to practice within your comfort levels.
  3. Focus on your immunity. After consultation with a doctor, have AYUSH medicine that helps to build immunity in your body.
  4. It is necessary to practice breathing exercises only after a consultation with a treating physician.
  5. Morning and evening walks are recommended but at a comfortable pace. Remember not to stretch yourself too much.
  6. It is understood that a good sleep and rest schedule will help manifold in gaining good health post COVID.
  7. As far as diet is concerned, it is best to eat a balanced nutritious diet. Freshly cooked home meals that are easy to digest.
  8. Note that alcohol and smoking should strictly be avoided.

To Sum Up

Many patients have noticed a lack of energy, hair fall, and several other symptoms post COVID. Therefore, it is essential to stick to the guidelines as laid down by the government. Good health is a result of your actions. Therefore, commit to stay healthy and follow these guidelines.

Also, continue steam inhalation and gargles if you experience a sore throat or dry cough. You might feel weakness post this sickness, but eating a healthy diet and following an exercise regime daily will help you gain good health in no time. Coronavirus may linger around for a while, but it vital to not fear the disease and instead prepare your body to tackle it and move past it. Hopefully, post this pandemic, we will emerge stronger and healthier.

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