Parenting Guide: What Is The Role Of Parents To Treat The Child

Giving birth to your child is not the only role for parents. Parenting is one of the most critical functions that you need to perform for your child’s better upbringing. Here we will discuss the role of the parents to treat their child.

The Role Of Parents To Treat The Child

You have to be careful and keep a watchful eye regarding your kids. You have to be your child’s friend.

Adolescence is the period which is the most vital stage to handle. It is the age where a child is learning things. The changes come in their physical appearance. For instance, the voice of the boys gets cracked. Other than that, they attain puberty at this age. The girls got their periods, and there is the development of breasts also. Both the boys and girls grow their hair in private. These are all the changes that are noticed. So, when you are the parent, you have to tell them the exact reason for these changes. These are the following things that you should perform.

Sex education is critical; otherwise, curiosity will lead them to make some mischief. Give your child an idea about why the male and female body parts change.

 As a parent, you should grow their interest in different things, like reading books, music, drawing, and watching exciting and productive things on television. Try to increase their interest in cooking. You can make them learn a new recipe.

Don’t create any gender biases. Make your kids learn to respect their elders. Try to be his/her friend.

It is often noticed that some parents do not give importance to their child’s things. Try to listen to them and be their friend. Some children don’t talk much, whereas some are very extroverted. Those who don’t speak much, it is said that they hide their problems in them. They don’t show their emotions. So, you have to comfort your child and make him speak up.

Teenage is the age when the children develop a don’t care attitude. They can indulge in smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. They know about the ill effects of these things; still, you can’t stop them. Some are mature enough to understand, but what will you do for those who don’t understand? You have to speak up to them about the addiction and the ill-effects of the stuff. I am sure they would listen to you.

Don’t interfere in every of your child’s movements. At this age, he might have some secrets. For instance, your child must have some private talk with your friends, so talk always tries to interfere in that matter. But that doesn’t mean that you will try not to know anything about him. Keep a watchful eye on where he is going, what sorts of friends he is having. Try to meet your child’s friend once a week after school.

If you have a girl child, you have to deal with her tenderly, whereas if you have a boy child, you have to talk with him differently. It is said that girls are a little bit sentimental at this age.

As said before, you have to be your child’s friend. Scold them for their misbehaviors but don’t compare them to the other one.


Parenting is one of the significant roles that you have to play. It would help if you remembered that your child’s future is related to your parenting. Your proper nourishment can give your child a bright future. If you don’t get time to spend with your child, don’t bribe them with expensive gifts. This is the main mistake that parents commit, spend your quality time with them.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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