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9 Factors Are Responsible For Thalassemia

An Account On Thalassemia: Thalassemia is an inherited disorder of the blood wherein the total RBC count, the production of hemoglobin, and thus the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood decreases. There is the destruction...

Food Allergies That Implicate Into A Symptom Of Itchy Skin

A food allergy is a defense phenomenon which occurs when the host's body provides an exaggerated response to specific harmless proteins. When ingested by The offending food particle, the body responds by releasing...

What To Do When Severely Dehydrated – 9 Easy And Quick Effective Home Remedies

The importance of water as fluid is not unknown to anyone. 70% of our body is made up of this liquid, and we need to gulp down at least eight glasses of water every day to maintain our metabolism rate. If your body lacks the adequate quantity of water, then it won't be functioning correctly.

This Aids Day Let’s Fight With HIV

Don't worry that you have AIDS, instead be joyous of the progress medicine has made to help us lead a healthy life just like everyone else does. This AIDS day, we want...

What’s Killing Indians Diseases By Food Or Lifestyle Of The Citizens?

Over 61% of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle, as mentioned by the World Health Organization (WHO. Alcohol intake, poor diet, tobacco, and pollution are the leading cause of these...

9 Easy Ways To Detox Your Body

We are living in a world of overloaded information, today access to any info is as easy as making a cup of tea. Although this is a pleasant change, the real treat...

9 Things You Should Not Do While Pregnant

Firstly, Congratulations on being Pregnant! This is an extremely vulnerable time for your body and that of your developing fetus. Although you can go on doing most things you do regularly, you...

9 Ways To Bring Back The Curve On Your Face: Healthy Hacks For A Better Lifestyle

If you are wondering about how to be happy and healthy these days, then you are not alone. Scores of people are now wandering in search of the optimal state of mind...


Is Running Actually A Good Way To Lose Weight?

Running as a way to lose weight is right or wrong? Is running actually a good way to lose weight? This question might be the biggest confusion when you start a weight loss journey. This is the place where you're going to get the right guidance.

Importance Of Sports In Our Day To Day Life

Sports participation is essential for maintaining physical fitness in all people. Along with that, it improves people's personalities. Understand the importance Of Sports In Our Day-To-Day Life that maintains all of our organs healthy and helps our hearts grow stronger.

How To Become Good Athletic: Popular Women In Athletics

There is no denying the strength of female athletes. Women have repeatedly shown that they are physically capable of completing seemingly impossible physical feats, from scaling the highest mountains on Earth to swimming in harsh ocean conditions to running 26.2 miles at breakneck speeds.

Few Fitness Tips For The Wrestler

Wrestling is a physically demanding sport that requires good cardiovascular fitness as well as strength, speed, and endurance. CrossFit is one of the best fitness techniques to help you get in wrestling shape. Therefore, we have come across some of the few fitness tips for a wrestler. Try these tips to be fit and healthy.

9 Biggest Myths Of Weight Loss In 2022

It's not simple to lose weight, and there are many beliefs about how to achieve it that actually make it tougher. Here are nine common myths regarding weight reduction and diets, along with what the science actually says, to help clear up the uncertainty.

Ultimate Veg Diet Plan For Gym Beginners

Gym beginners are either confused or ignorant about the role of a diet plan. As a beginner at the gym, you must stick to a strict training regimen. However, you should never underestimate the role of a diet plan, which blends with your workout and body type.

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