Nine Ways To Get Quick Relief From Severe Back Pain

Did you have a bad day of heavy weight lifting, and by the end of the day, you have a severe backache? Well, one in four adults suffer from back pain daily usually its nothing to worry about, but sometimes it can be critical, especially with symptoms like weakness or tingling. For lower back pain that isn’t too severe, here are a few simple tips to be tried at home.

  1. The Affected Area Must Be Treated With Ice Or A Cold Compress

A Cold Compress

The best way to deal with a sore muscle is to apply heat to it, but in the initial hours of the injury, you must always use an ice pack or a cold compress as it helps in reducing the inflammation in the muscles.

  1. Increase The Movement Of The Affected Area

Back Exercise

Once you’ve injured a muscle, it is advisable to give that muscle a little rest, but you should continue doing your daily tasks as inactivity of a muscle can lead to its soreness and can, therefore, add to the pain.

  1. Try Engaging Your Lower Back Muscles

Try Engaging Your Lower Back Muscles

Future bouts of back pain can be avoided after the current episode of pain has receded. Strong muscles are essential as they also help in maintaining good posture. You can try increasing your back strength once the pain has decreased by working out the muscles that support your lower back.

  1. Stretching Out Once In A While

Stretching Out Once In A While

Take a break after every 20 minutes and stretch out the opposite way of your natural posture; slouching around with a lousy position in an office chair is one of the causes of lower back pain in adults, e.g.:- after slumping for a while it’s better to stretch backward.

  1. Think Of An Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Try designing your workspace in a way that is soft on your back, create your desks in a way so that you don’t have to reach out very far for your mouse and buy a chair that supports your lower back and allows you to have your feet planted firmly on the ground.

  1. Take Note Of Your Healthy Posture

Take Note Of Your Healthy Posture

If your standard attitudes are wrong, then there is much more strain on your back muscles. This is essential when lifting heavy objects, improving the position by not going below the waist will help in easing the back pain.

  1. Avoid Wearing High Heels

Avoid Wearing High Heels

High heels create an unnatural angle and increase the pressure on the lower spine is slumping; therefore, it is advisable to switch to flats or low heels, and as a result of this reduces the levels of back pain.

  1. Watch The Habits

Watch The Habits

Smoking is a habit that is a factor in increasing the frequency of osteoporosis as compared to non-smokers in adults; this condition can lead to compression fractures of the spine.

  1. Control Your Weight

Control Your Weight

Being overweight is a stressful thing for your spine, it puts unnecessary pressure on the muscles, and the bones, a well-made diet and exercise plan will go a long way in controlling your weight and reducing the back pain.

Although back pain isn’t something to panic over, you must visit your doctor one the following symptoms start to appear:- the back pain is severe, there is numbness in your legs, you are losing control over your bowel and bladder movements.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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