Negative Effects Of Depression

The state of feeling no emotions is called DEPRESSION. Many people confuse it with sadness, but it’s not the same. The total ignorance of feeling nothing at all is quite different from sadness. Depression extracts the sole essence of human emotions. What’s the point of living if you don’t feel anything at all, right? An emotionless human means being attracted to negative aspects of life and deteriorating mental health. Once these things replace your emotions, it is quite hard to recover.

No wonder we humans are full of emotions. Emotions that motivate us, cheer us, and let us know how we are feeling. Emotions that keep on flowing until the end of the breath. These emotions give us a way of communicating with others and help us to share our feelings with others. But what if we stop feeling these emotions?

Once established, these things will result in the following negative effects in life:

  1. Negative Effect On The Body:

Negative Effect On The Body

The effects of depression are far worse than we can see. We might notice that the person is smiling from the outside but have no idea how he feels. Depression deteriorates your physical health completely. Loss of emotions makes your body numb and makes it feel functionless. Low concentration, less sleep, loss of appetite and weight, and feelings of being worthless and suicide are some essential effects that can be absorbed easily.

  1. Negative Effects On Family:

Negative Effects On Family

Being completely out of emotions makes you feel worthless. As a result, your relations in your life don’t come into effect, and the communication gap between your members starts to arise. At a time when you and your family should communicate and express their feelings towards each other and should understand what actual pain and grief are, the situation starts to worsen with constant physical and mental effects and forms a big bridge of communication gap.

  1. Negative Effects On Work:

Negative Effects On Work

Your professional site doesn’t seem to improve it’s nature as well. Often the profession of anyone because of high workload and commitments brings out the stress and mental factors in light. With depression on top of it, it becomes tough for an individual to cope up with deadlines and meet the expected results. The professional life doesn’t bring out your best self; instead contributes more to worsening the situation.

  1. Negative Financial Effects:

Negative Financial Effects

The financial crisis is one of the major reasons for depressionStudies often reflect that the pressure of being in a big financial debt develops symptoms of higher stress and anxiety, resulting in depression. These causes often create a situation of the debt trap, further intensifying the situation. This does not hold every time. A person with financial security might also suffer from depression due to other factors.


Concerning recent events, Sushant Singh Rajput, an actor, convinced himself to take his life owing to depression. Suicide is a thought which arises most of the time to people in depression. This thought is difficult to erase but can be done with proper treatment. A person with depression lacks human emotions and ends up being the victim. Lack of conversations with others often ends up feeling alone and worthless, resulting in thoughts like suicide. But remember, always help benefits.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
She is a chief editor and handles SEO. She loves health and fitness blogging. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating health fitness ideas. She is the most inspirational person for women's empowerment and fitness.

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