Most Common Health Issues Among Senior And Ways To Cure It

Common Health Issues Among Senior

Ageing brings in various changes in the human body. The immune system gets weak; body strength gets reduced. All these effects not only affect agility and self-dependency but also invite complications and illnesses. But every lock has its key. Hence we would also shed light on different health issues aged groups have and the methods to prevent them.

In the present circumstance, elderly care has come to mean the personal and social requirements of elders who largely need some assistance with daily activities and chores but choose to lead their lives independently and with dignity without being dependent on anyone.

Common Health Issues That Older People Face Are:

High blood pressure

Increase in Cholesterol in blood


Risk of Health-related ailment



Alzheimer’s disease



Urinary tract infection/problems

Ways And Measures To Cure Or Prevent These Above Stated Health Problems

 Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle: –

We can’t avoid ageing but certainly can keep its adverse effects by adhering to simple living and balanced lifestyles. This world has become a synonym of the Cat race. Throughout our adulthood, we tend to chase material pleasure. We forget the reason for running and just blindly keep imitating others, which makes us overlook our body needs and the care required to replenish the machine. Eventually, this takes a toll at a later age, when we grow older and start witnessing the impact and consequences, in the form of different disorders and malfunction of the parts. Hence it is paramount to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to reduce the effect, like always paying heed to what and how much we eat, from Breakfast to Dinner. The portion should always be in descending order; maintaining the required intake of vegetables and fruits is also the key. Eating healthy and avoiding junk and oily food always yield benefits in terms of better digestion. Plenty of water intake is also essentially required.

Regular Exercise:-

 As we all know, this advanced human living standard has made us lazy and have reduced body movement to nil. We have arranged everything so that everything is there on the tip of our hands. We hardly bother to move and have confined ourselves in the closed four walls and have restricted our movement to a bare minimum. It has rusted the machine parts and has made our muscles and bones weak; hence to keep them functioning, we need to keep them engaged once in a while every day. A brisk walk of half an hour in 24 hours can also have fruitful results. Breathing in the fresh air and coming out of our Artificial Air-conditioned environment is also mandatory to connect with nature. We are nature’s gift, and being connected with it would heal us deeply. It reduces the stress factor, changes our surroundings, liberates us, and helps us be grounded and connected.

Reduce Or Stop Drinking Alcohol And Smoking:-

People take up this addiction either to show off or as an excuse to cope with their stress. After it becomes an addiction, it eats out their wallet and their Precious health and wellbeing. They are the inviting card of different diseases that are fatal and cause death. It makes people lose their social awareness. Also, it makes the elderly prone to falls and bone fractures, and head/back injury. It’s never late to quit them.

Social Connection And Human Touch:-

The irony of this world is that we all are connected virtually but not physically. We all have countless online friends, but hardly anyone stands by our side when we need them. In this world, relations have become more abstract, but we desperately need a tangible human touch. Isolation and loneliness are the major cause of depression and other mental illnesses in older people as the age factor makes them dependent, but in real life, they don’t have any shoulder to lie upon. They constantly seek company and someone to talk to and share their feelings but are virtually locked in isolation. Hence, to eradicate this aloofness, they must make a habit of connecting with the neighbours, going out to parks and lawns, cultivating any creative habit like gardening, painting, or cooking, which helps them build connections and vent out their feelings or divert their mind.

A Regular Visit To The Doctor:-

The Elderly age demands regular medical check-ups. We cannot deny that age invites problems that we cannot even observe ourselves. Older people require Medical expertise, which is possible only when one takes medical bits of advice at frequent intervals.


In short, we should focus on the things that we have control over, like looking after our eating habits, living a healthy lifestyle, mingling with people, and getting connected back to our roots and nature—also dropping prohibited addictions like smoking and alcohol, visiting doctor for regular check-ups, taking care of vision and hearing impairment by using a magnifying glass, increasing lighting of the house, reducing noise. In a nutshell, age is something we can’t control, but certainly, we can reduce the adverse effects it brings along on our health by sticking and picking small and simple corrective/reactive actions in our so-called Beautiful life.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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