Modern Day Hearing Aids – How To Pick The Right One

Hearing Aids

The first hearing aid was created in the 17th century. You will be surprised to know that the evolution of hearing aids, from complicated devices to a wireless modern-day hearing aid, happened due to the telephone’s invention. The first electronic hearing aid was created in 1898. Today, thanks to technological innovations, the hearing aid has become more efficient and effective.

Various manufacturers create comfortable and stylish-looking hearing aids. Some of them come with twin microphones, while others come with a noise cancellation mechanism. Thus, in this clutter of different styles and brands of hearing aids, it can be tough to choose the right hearing aid; designed for your need.

Before We Move To The Features That Made A Good Hearing Aid, Let’s Know How Does The Instrument Work?

The role of a hearing aid is to carry the sounds from the environment into your ear with proper pitch. While the modern aids work on digital rechargeable batteries, the old ones need physical batteries to operate.

Every hearing aid contains microphones that collect the sound from your immediate environment. In the modern-day digital hearing aids, there is a small computer chip with a sound amplifier. The chip converts the incoming sounds into proper digital codes. Later these codes help adjust the sound; based on the individual hearing loss quotient, listening needs, and the surrounding noise factor. Further, the amplified signals convert these codes into sound waves and deliver them to the receiver through speakers.

What Are The Different Types Of Hearing Aids: Available Today?

As we have read above, there are various kinds of hearing aids; an individual can select a hearing aid, depending on the type and degree of hearing loss.

If You Are Diagnosed With Mild Or Moderate Hearing Loss, Then You Can Consider:

  • Receiver-in-canal hearing aid
  • Total-in-canal hearing aid
  • Invisible-in-canal aid

However, If You Are Suffering From Severe Hearing Loss, Then You Must Choose These Types:

  • Behind-the-ear-aids
  • In-the-ear aids
  • In-the-canal aids

Now that you know the different kinds of hearing devices – let’s understand how to choose the right hearing aid, as per your need. Consider these five factors if you are new to hearing aids.

  1. How Often Do You Step Out And, For What Reasons?

Your lifestyle will play a crucial role in determining the kind of hearing aid you require. If you travel a lot, you need a hearing aid that reduces the background noise and delivers a clear speech.

  1. Do You Wish To Connect The Tv To Your Hearing Aid?

If you love to binge-watch your favorite shows regularly, then a pair of Bluetooth hearing aid is the right choice for you. You can easily connect these devices to your iOS devices with the help of Bluetooth. The best part of these devices is that you can control the audio pitch; using your smartphone, provided you have 2.4GHz connectivity.

  1. Do You Struggle To Hear Soft Voices/ Sounds?

People with hearing difficulty usually struggle to hear soft sounds like the sound of the breeze, waves, birds chirping, and children playing. The loud sounds are easy to hear, but the soft sounds are easily missed. Therefore, you must select a hearing aid with the ability to capture soft and natural sounds.

  1. How Often Do You Need To Check Or Adjust Your Hearing Aid?

Just like any other device, hearing aids also will require few adjustments to help you hear things. So, ask your audiologists about these adjustments before you purchase a hearing aid.

  1. What Is The Lifespan Of The Hearing Aid?

Every hearing aid has its lifespan. After few years, they eventually wear out. Thus, ask your healthcare professional about the hearing aid lifespan. This will help you decide your investment and learn about how to take care of the device to maximize its performance and enhance the lifespan.

The Bottom Line:

Selecting your first hearing aid is a critical experience; you might also be feeling anxious about using the device. With so many styles and types available, it can be difficult to make a choice. However, consider the above points and consult your hearing specialists before purchasing a hearing aid. Comfort, style, and performance- all three of them are crucial, so select the brand that promises and delivers them the best.

If you have been diagnosed with hearing difficulty, then do not worry; a hearing aid can become your perfect friend. There are various types of hearing aid available in the market but consult your physician before purchasing. In this article, we have highlighted the aspects that need to be considered before buying a hearing aid. Do write to us for more queries.

Indira Dutta
Indira Dutta
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