Long Term Covid Impact On Mental Health – WHO Warned

Covid Impact On Mental Health

As the whole world is fighting with Covid and the problems arise not only physically but also on a mental level. Many people are affected due to Covid, and it has made an impact on its mental health. It causes an invisible emotional strain on human psychology. Due to Covid, many people lost their job, and the whole economy is suffering from the financial crisis, and this makes a material impact on the health of society.

After the 2007- 08 financial crisis, many countries observe a higher rate of depression, anxiety, and drug use. In 2008, the Great Recession ushered in a 13 percentage growth in suicides due to unemployment, with over 46,000 lives lost because of unemployment and earnings inequality in that 12 months alone.

WHO Said Covid Makes Long Impact On Mental Health:

The WHO said that pandemic would be long–term and far-reaching and affects people’s mental health. The WHO said in its meeting of 2 days in Athens with the health minister and dozens of countries. They said that people suffer from anxiety with the transmission of viruses or death rates, and the lockdown will worsen the situation.

As the people are stuck in their homes and that contributed to the increase of mental illness. The WHO said that mental health is considered a fundamental human right, and this situation is about worry and how the virus had torn lives apart. The whole case of the pandemic has shaken the world.

According to research, more than 4 million people lost their life, ruined livelihoods, businesses bankrupted, and people are looking for work. Therefore, the WHO referred to it to strengthen mental fitness offerings in general and the development of access to care through technology.

For recovering, it is urged to support the mental health campaign in schools, offices, colleges, and the front-line workers fighting Covid.

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