Killing Cancer Naturally: Scientists Found Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases of all time; in recent years, it has surpassed every disease to become the number 2 most deadly disease of all time(with cardiovascular diseases still being on the top).

Killing Cancer Naturally: Scientists Found Alternative Cancer Treatments

One in every six people in the world is dying due to cancer. With such terrifying numbers, finding a cure for cancer has become a top priority for scientists worldwide.

Every day, old cells in our body kill themselves to produce new cells; some potentially harmful cells are also destroyed in the process. But cancer cells ignore the immune system’s signal to destroy itself, and that’s what makes it extremely dangerous.

With the proper use of phenazine, many experiments of cytotoxic agents were carried out by Mr. Kuramochi and his team of scientists, trying to find a cure for one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. The scientists found that 2-chloropyocyanin had the most cytotoxicity towards the lung cancer cells of all the compounds they had synthesized. This research brought us one step closer to finding a cure for cancer, and with its environment-friendliness, the research tends to go further, opening doors of new opportunities for us.

A professor from Tokyo University at Science named Kouji Kuramochi led a group of scientists to find a cure for cancer. They stumbled upon a natural set of compounds called “phenazines.” Phenazine, with the chemical formula (C6H4) 2N2, is a living compound that dissolves slightly in alcohol. Over 6000 compounds of phenazines can be synthesized in the lab, and hundreds of these compounds are available in nature.

Cytotoxic compounds can kill or at least damage cancer cells. Cancer can be eliminated if we somehow figure out how to direct these cytotoxic compounds to attack the cancer cells. Cytotoxicity is nothing but the ability of an agent or anything to be toxic to cells, i.e., the ability to damage the cells somehow. Immune cells and venom are perfect examples of cytotoxic agents.

The scientists gave their best to synthesize these compounds somehow. Reactions like halogenation reaction and oxidative condensation reaction were performed on different-different compounds.

N-alkyl-2-halophenazin-1-ones were formed using this process; this synthesis was indeed highly efficient. The scientists found that 2-chloropyocyanin had the most cytotoxicity towards the lung cancer cells of all the compounds they had synthesized.

According to professor Kuramochi, the oxidative condensation reaction only requires oxygen to proceed, so it’s an environment-friendly synthetic procedure to kill cancer. He also said that this versatile synthetic procedure could also be used to synthetically produce various natural products. He believes that it will have a positive impact on the world.


The team of scientists led by professor Kuramochi from the Tokyo University Of Science is looking forward to verifying Phenazone’s effects on animals and clinical trials. Here’s the best part, these cytotoxic compounds are as much as four times more powerful on cancer cells than normal cells.

Only time will tell the real-world usability of these products, but this research by Mr kuramochi and his team showed the path that needs to be followed, and he also showed that the cure for cancer is not so far away from us now. With technological and medical advancement, we may reach there really soon.

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