Is Premature Baldness Treatable?

Premature Baldness

The cases of Premature baldness are increasing day by day. However, there are no specific reasons that cause premature baldness. There are many rumors that premature baldness often makes people lose sleep. If you are willing to get every detailed information related to premature baldness, then you are at the right place. Premature baldness is now the most common condition found in men. It is pretty normal to lose up to 100 hair strands a day but losing more than that can be the symptoms of underlying health conditions.

There is no hidden fact that losing hair and going bald is also a part of the natural process of aging. Though it is not normal, and if you lose your hair strands daily, you need to give special attention and care to your hair. Most of the time, it was found that usually, men go bald due to lack of proper care and treatment. Let’s have a detailed look over the symptoms and causes of premature baldness to understand the primary reason and concept.

What Is Premature Baldness?

What Is Premature Baldness?

If we talk about premature baldness, it is the condition that leads to hair loss. If you are in your early stage of life, like in your twenties, and you are losing an amount of hair daily, it could be the symptoms of premature baldness. In this case, hair thinning is the first stage of early baldness, and when you lose hair strands fast, your scalp will become more visible. According to recent reports, it was shown that the majority of people suffering from extreme hair loss are in their mid-twenties, and the cause can still be uncertain.

Generally, 10 percent of your hair stays in the resting phase, and around 100 hair strands fall out almost every day. This is good for your health, or it can be the symptoms of unrecognized health conditions as well. As we know, hair follicles generally take around six months to rejuvenate and generate new hair strands. Due to various factors, hair fall increases, and the regeneration stops most of the time. This is the reason why people face premature baldness at an early age.

If you can access proper and early treatment, then you can overcome the cause of premature baldness. It is essential to seek a doctor’s opinion and follow their advice to recover and stop hair loss. Most of the time, men face premature baldness due to DHT. DHT, known as Dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen, and it is a male sex hormone that contributes to developing men’s body characteristics. With access to quality treatment, it is possible to stop hair loss, and you can prevent premature baldness as well. 

How To Treat Premature Baldness?

How To Treat Premature Baldness?

There are several other options to treat premature baldness. The first step which you need to consider is medical treatment. It is essential to get a checkup with one of the reputed doctors, and your doctor will conduct tests to diagnose the cause of your premature baldness. Most doctors perform thyroid and hormone level tests, and then they provide treatment accordingly.

There is a second way to treat premature baldness: transplant surgery. When you face premature baldness and medical treatment is not giving any practical results, you can consider a hair transplant. An expert doctor mainly performs this surgery on your scalp to transplant new hair. Though it is expensive, it is effective. According to the reports, many positive results were found with these treatment options. Transplant surgery has a better success rate than other restoration products.

There are some cost-effective ways to treat premature baldness. Home remedies can be of great help. But for that, you need to consider before having the symptoms of premature baldness. It is essential to offer good care to your hair constantly. If you face hair loss issues, you can also try some home remedies. However, home remedies can not give a permanent solution and help prevent hair falls. You can paste the ingredients and then apply them to your scalp. Along with that, make sure to do oil massage to your scalp and hair. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, and other well-known hair oil for hair regrowth. 

Final Verdict 

It is suggested to consult a doctor to reduce other hair loss as soon as possible. Early treatment is always the right option for better recovery. It is essential to know that dealing with premature baldness also requires a lot of mental strength. Make sure to avoid any stress or anxiety. If you can access proper treatment early, premature baldness can be treated, and hair loss can be reversed.

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