Is Laser Hair Removal Harmful?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you think Laser hair removal treatment is harmful? Read this article and find the truth behind this confusion yourself. This article has all the details you should know about Hair removal, along with a list of things you should know before thinking about it.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

This technique is used for the permanent reduction of unwanted hairs. You will have several types of laser hair removal techniques from which you can choose the right one according to your skin. In the treatment, a laser light will be absorbed by the hair follicle’s basal stem cell, which will be damaged and will stop hair growth. It will not damage the surrounding area when you take precautions. You will find several side effects and risks with this laser hair removal technique.

This is the well-known process of damaging your hair follicles by exposing your pulse to laser light. Several doctors practiced laser hair removal treatment before it is introduced for commercial use. For doing this process, you should have enough practice and knowledge. Most women get this treatment done in the US to get rid of constant waxing and shaving of unwanted hairs. For the first time in 1995, this treatment was introduced in many clinics.

You will also find laser hair removal self-care devices in the market. Before using it, you should know how it works. Most of the clinics also practiced this process several times to get perfect results.

How Does It Work?

Talking about laser hair removal, you should how it works? The main aim of the process is to damage the hair follicle because further, it will not produce new hairs, and this way, you will get rid of unwanted hairs. Selective Photothermolysis is the basic principle behind this process or treatment. In this process, the device will match the wavelength of the light with the pulse rating for the perfect result. The device will target the particular tissue area and not the other part of the skin.

When you apply this method to the selective tissue on your skin, it will have minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. In this treatment, the laser will provide heat to the dark matter in the skin, also known as melanin. When you give a laser to the selected area, you should also know that this will heat to basal stem cells located in the hair follicle. When the hair follicle gets damaged with the laser will stop hair growth.

The laser hair removal treatment is popular since 1997, and the Food and Drug Administration also approves it in the USA for permanent hair reduction. This treatment depends upon many factors such as the skills and knowledge of the laser operator, area of the treatment, etc. Some women experienced total hair growth after the treatment, but they said that number of hairs is reduced after the treatment.

Regulations: –

There are several regulations that you have to consider before having laser hair removal treatment. Several countries like the USA had permitted hair removal treatment anywhere, but in some countries like Florida, you have to go to a skilled technician or doctor for the treatment. Going to the practiced nurse will also work, but you have to take care of the regulations concerning the countries.

Side Effects Of The Treatment: –

As we know, every treatment comes with both benefits and side effects; therefore, before getting the permanent reduction of your hair, you should know that from what you will go through. There are several common side effects which you can face after the treatment, such as the redness of the skin, swelling of the hair follicle, inching, pink skin. All these side effects are widespread, and they will only last for three to four days after the treatment. You have to take proper care of your skin or treated area before and after the treatment.

Skin discoloration and acne are the most common and dangerous side effects of laser hair removal treatment. You should also know that during the treatment, you will also feel pain on some level. To avoid this painful process, you can get several types of numbing creams which you should apply before the operation. You should also know that several creams are harmful to your skin. Several times, people died because of the cream. Therefore, take advice from your doctor.

To reduce the pain, apply numbing cream to the area where you are getting treatment before the 30 minutes and rub ice on the treated area after the treatment. This will give you some relief from the pain. Laser settings and the appropriate type of laser are also necessary. If there is any issue with the treatment, you will end up with significant side effects. This includes hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, acne, swelling around the hair follicle, etc. 


All the above points will introduce you to the laser hair removal treatment which people in several countries have widely used. You will also be several regulations which you have to follow to be on the safe side. In several cases, you will see there has been the growth of the hair after the treatment. It can happen because of the wrong setting in the laser. You have to have a few laser hair removal sessions for the permanent reduction of the hair growth several times. To reduce the intensity of the side effects after the treatment, you caused some numbing creams but took some advice from the doctor before applying it.

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