India’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Approved For Clinical Trials

India’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Approved For Clinical Trials

When keeping track of our history, we found out that a global pandemic is expected every 100 years. Swine Flu and Spanish Flu are few to name. Ranging from shutting down several businesses to being stuck at home, we have witnessed almost every possibility and couldn’t be more shocked. Millions of personnel are trying their best to find a cure for this deadly virus. Many countries, such as Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and the united kingdom, have started testing their vaccines and are fully committed to this find. India, now being the 3rd worst country to get affected by COVID-19, must be prepared to face tough challenges.

“India’s first Coronavirus vaccine is ready for trials.” This statement might have put you astounded. With current given global circumstances and surrounded by grim news 24×7, some sort of relief can be expected. India’s first vaccine, named ‘Covaxin,’ will soon be ready and is currently going under numerous tests and trial periods. Expected for a clinical trial in July, this might be the result of endless prayers.

Below are some essential details:

The Vaccine:

As said by the Indian Council for Medical Research(ICMR), a vaccine for coronavirus named Covaxin is under process and currently going through many tests. There is no surety as to what date this vaccine when be reaching the markets, but the expected time is August 15. Currently, this vaccine has been approved by the authorities to proceed further to carry out the clinical trials. It is only after clinical trial, the actual validity of this vaccine can be proven and whether it is capable of distributing into the markets or not.

The Clinical Trials:

For any medicine or vaccine, clinical trials are one of the toughest phases to pass through. Clinical trials can be defined as the process of testing out the medication on humans and evaluating the effects caused. The vaccine has been granted permission to conduct a clinical trial and will be starting with this process in July itself. Initially, it is planned to conduct a clinical trial on 375 people as a first phase. After that, another phase of the clinical test will be performed roughly on 750 people, making it a total of 1100 candidates. Several renowned hospitals have been chosen to carry out this complicated process. AIIMS Delhi and Pune and Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences are few of the locations.

Other Vaccines:

Though ICMR is working on full swing, we cannot deny the fact that big problems are above us, and alternatives are necessary. Therefore, another pharmaceutical firm Zydus Cadila is ready to test its version of the COVID-19 vaccine named ‘ZyCoV-D.’ This vaccine has also been granted permission for clinical trials and is expected to do so soon.

The expected trial period of the clinical test is of 3 months and will be conducted on approximately 1,000 candidates. This vaccine has proved beneficial in providing a strong immune system and is capable of neutralizing this wild virus.

Though present conditions might not be in our favor, let’s be honest about what’s fun in living a plain and simple life. Challenges and obstacles are bound to occur. With a wave of positive news coming along our way, we sure can get our lives back on track.

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