How To Take Care Of Ear Infection 9 Unusual Tips

Ear infection mainly occurs when a viral or bacterial infection affects the part of the ear just behind the eardrum, which is commonly known as the middle ear. It majorly occurs in children of age below ten years, which is very painful because of the fluid build-up and inflammation in the middle ear. Ear infections are generally of two types i.e.

1) Acute ear infections which are quick but painful.

2) Chronic ear infections can cause permanent damage to the ear when the ear is not clear up or have faced recursion many times.

Ear Infection

Significant reasons for ear infections: Majorly ear infection occurs in children but can happen to adults too due to certain factors such as

  • Altitude Change
  • Climate Change
  • Exposure to excessive smoke
  • Recent illness or ear infection

Symptoms of ear infections: Most frequent symptoms of ear infections are

  • Mild pain in the ear
  • A feeling of pressure inside the ear for an extended period
  • Pus in the ear
  • Hearing loss for sometime

Cure for Ear Infection:

  1. Pain Relievers:

Pain Relievers

Common painkilling medicine can be taken to relieve the ear pain for a specific time without any antibiotics. Painkilling medication such as Paracetamol, Crocin, Combi Flame can be used to cure the pain associated with ear infections

  1. Cold And Hot:

Ice Pack For Ear Pain Relief

The most common remedy to treat ear infection is using an ice pack and a heating pad and damp washcloth to relieve the pain. Both ice pack and a heating pad should be kept alternatively after every 10 minutes for the time pain fade away.

  1. Olive / Clove Oil:

Home Remedies Clove Oil

The old home remedial technique for ear pain is using olive or clove oil to treat the ear infection, which instantly eases the pain caused by an ear infection. Pouring of hot oil into the ear with the temperature less than body temperature oozes the pain caused by ear infection effortlessly.

  1. Ear Drops:

Ear Drops

Ear drops can be used, which is either chemically produced or from herbal extracts, which are readily available in any of the pharmaceutical shops.

  1. Neck Exercises:

Neck Exercises

Many neck exercises can be used to relieve the pressure off and reduce ear pain, which can be beneficial for decreasing ear infection efficiently. Following steps should be followed for the neck exercise

  • Sit straight with both feet flat on the ground.
  • Slowly rotate your neck and head to the right until your head is parallel with your shoulder and similarly to the left side.
  • Raise your shoulders high to cover your ears with your shoulders.
  • Make the movements gently, hold them gently stretching more for a count of five, and then rest.
  • Repeat these steps for the whole day to reduce the pain.
  1. Ginger:

Home Remedies Ginger For Ear

Ginger oil can also be used to soothe the pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties, but unlike the clove or olive oil, it should not be put directly into the ear but should be applied to the outer areas of the ear to decrease the pain.

  1. Garlic:

Home Remedies Garlic For Ear

Garlic can also be used by putting it for several minutes in warm oil and then applying the oil into the ear.

  1. Sleep:

Sleep Well To Get Rod Of Ear Pain

While sleeping by not putting pressure on the ear also sometimes helps to ooze the pain.

  1. Proper Cleaning:

Proper Cleaning Of Ear Wax

Proper cleaning of ear wax should be done from time to time to avoid the infection.

Conclusion: Ears are the vital human body part, and proper care should be taken to avoid any loss of hearing, and if the pain or infections continues even after these remedies, visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Himanshu Shah
Himanshu Shah
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