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How To Prevent Early Age Cardiac Arrest?

Today, early age, cardiac death has become one of the top-most causes of death in children and young adults. Due to lack of time for response to sudden early age cardiac arrest, most cases result in instant death. Here are some prevention which helps to keep your heart safe and healthy.



Today, early age, cardiac death has become one of the top-most causes of death in children and young adults. Due to lack of time for response to sudden early age cardiac arrest, most cases result in instant death. Take note of all the pointers that can prevent early age cardiac deaths, including frequent health check-ups, avoiding emotional arrest, staying physically active, and more.

How To Prevent Early Age Cardiac Arrest?

It is unfortunate that while medical science has advanced so much, early age cardiac deaths are still very common. Mishaps related to unexpected early cardiac deaths have also seen a rise in the past decades. It is better to stay informed about this condition as much as you can as a sudden cardiac arrest can happen anytime and shockingly to anyone. From a 6-year-old to a 60-year-old, no one is immune to this condition. While other diseases can be cured with many attempts, the chances of recovering from this condition are lesser.  Death from an unexpected cardiac arrest can occur within an hour from the attack, giving the patient or a passer-by less time to react to it. So, it becomes necessary to take as many precautions as you can. Here are some pointers that you and your family can adhere to to prevent early age cardiac arrest:

  1. Frequent Health Check-Ups:

Frequent Health Check-Ups

You should make sure that you and your family go for regular health check-ups, especially to get detailed feedback regarding heart-related ailments. Particularly, if you have children, it is required to get them checked by your physician. Your good health can decrease your chances of a sudden cardiac arrest. You can talk to your family doctor about how to improve the condition of your heart and that of your family’s. It is always better to have some clarity about the health of your kids and family. The sooner you take this decision seriously, the sooner you can protect yourself and your family against the risks of early cardiac arrest.

  1. Avoid Emotional Stress:

Avoid Emotional Stress

In a fast-paced reality where we are always running to catch up to live a better life, emotional ups and downs have become common. Although easier said than done, you should train yourself to weather those moments of emotional instability and emerge stronger from the daily struggles of your heart and mind. High moments of emotional stress can increase the chances of cardiac arrest considerably. Take time to relieve stress instead of letting it build up. A cup of chamomile tea can help you calm your nerves from stress and anxiety. The key to a healthy life is keeping stress at bay and not letting it consume your life.

  1. Stay Active:

Stay Active

Staying active can not only keep your body healthy but also your heart healthy. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily for adults and older people, and one hour of physical activity for kids. As per doctors’ suggestions worldwide, aerobic exercise and resistance training are the most beneficial way to keep your heart healthy. Exercises like brisk walking, cycling, or running can also reduce the risk of unexpected cardiac arrests. Some activities like swimming can be a full-body workout that is good for your whole body and heart. As for your kids, push them to be physically active by enrolling them in sports activities or encouraging them to play with other children.

  1. Know About Your Family History:

Know About Your Family History

Chances of complex disorders like stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, and other diseases increase when there are genetic factors in the family tree. For example, a person whose family has a history of diabetes has greater chances of suffering from diabetes at some stage. So, it is essential to know about your family’s medical history to know and take precautions to help yourself. After you know about the history, have a chat with your physician on what steps to take to avoid it.

  1. Stay Aware Of The Symptoms:

Stay Aware Of The Symptoms

There are no definite symptoms as such, although you should look out for heart-related signs if someone in your family or your close circles has experienced it before. Do not ignore if your kid complains of chest pain or shortness of breath. Call the physician immediately if you notice any breathing difficulty, as obviously symptoms like these can be life-threatening. Do not panic if you face such a situation; instead, keep your head calm and call for medical help as fast as possible.

  1. Prevent Taking Too Many Stimulants:

Prevent Taking Too Many Stimulants

Intaking a large amount of caffeine or other stimulants can increase the risk of early cardiac arrest. Nowadays, children and adults have taken to artificially sweetened drinks or energy drinks that contain caffeine and other substances. It’s better to limit the intake of these drinks if you cannot stop taking them altogether. While these drinks cannot be directly related to early heart attacks, it can lead to blood pressure problems, increasing the risk of heart attack, or even stroke. As per research studies, too much caffeine in the bloodstream can relate to inconsistent heart rate.

  1. CPR Training:

CPR Training

While it is true that CPR training cannot help yourself if you have a sudden cardiac arrest, you can help others and save them. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique used in emergencies like a heart attack or drowning. In many cases, early age cardiac arrest results in death only because the person in question does not receive the timely medical intervention or urgent CPR. If you are already trained in CPR but are not confident about it, you can help the victim by giving 100 to 120 uninterrupted chest compressions until medical help is given.

Taking care of your heart health should be one of the first steps for staying healthy as early age cardiac arrest has been one of the top causes of sudden death in recent decades. Abide by the above advice seriously, and you can protect your loved ones from early age cardiac death.

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