How To Know When You Need To Gain Weight For Your Health?

Gain Weight For A Really Slim Girl

There’s a quote that says, “You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day” – Jenna Wolfe.

If we turn this and see it’ll say, “You didn’t lose all your weight in one day; you won’t gain it in one day.”

There are several reasons due to which you lose weight, and according to doctors, losing weight has not always been a better option. Sometimes for your well being, weight gain is essential. Also, gaining weight doesn’t mean getting “fat” or “obese.” It means getting a proper diet which will improve your health and well being. Proper diet and weight gain not improve your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. When you are fit and fine physically, it directly impacts your emotional and mental health as well. It also improves your standard of living, because when you are healthy, you can work properly.

Look VS Tries

Everyone wants to look fit and healthy. For which people lose weight and try many ways which aren’t suitable as well as harmful for their health. They consider losing weight is way more important than that of gain. Losing weight is mainly for those who are overweight and fat. But if you see healthy people are also going to the gym to lose weight, even if it isn’t needed. Going to the gym and losing weight has become a trend nowadays. Everyone likes to follow whatever is in trend. In the name of “trend,” many times, they forget what’s right for them and what’s not. People even choose ways which are unhealthy and disastrous for their health—for example, taking slimming pills, skipping meals, going for junk food, avoiding cumbersome and oily food, losing calories more than they gain, etc. These kinds of ways often lead people to diseases that may not be curable.

Coming Back To The Topic, How Can You Know When To Gain Weight?

People generally gain weight when they are underweight, recently recovered from some disease, for some championship (wrestling, boxing, etc.), etc. Health demands weight gain only when it’s essential. And when health requires so, you must do it. You usually think of weight gain when you are weak. Weak in the sense when you’re not able to stand and do your work, that’s when you need strength, and to gain strength, you gain something essential.

Weakness is not the only reason. Other reasons include recovery from a disease. The same applies here, as well. After getting recover from a condition, the body needs strength to work.

If You Won’t Have Strength, How Will You Work?

Weight gain just not gives you strength but also develops significant parts of your body.

 Underweight people suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition means you are not getting enough nutrition from your food. You can determine whether you are underweight by using a BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) CALCULATOR. If you’re underweight, you may be at risk for the following health issues:

– Loss of energy

– Fragile bones

– Weakened Immune system

– Anemia

– Fertility issues

– Hair loss

Here are a few food items which would help you to gain weight healthily.

1) Milk – It is considered as an energy booster for decades. It is an essential ingredient for increasing weight.

2) Potatoes – It is a cost-effective way to add in extra calories.

3) Protein Supplements – It is the standard strategy for bodybuilders who want to gain weight and athletes. Some people think it is unnatural, but this isn’t the case.

4) Healthy Cereals – It can be the best source for calories and nutrients.

The secret behind weight gain isn’t how much intake of calories you do, but instead what kind of calories you take. Whether they are healthy for your health or not, the type of input plays a significant role in weight gain. Otherwise, weight gain is not a big problem. Junk food can, too, make you gain weight. But the question here is of your health. And for health, proper intake is essential so that you won’t have any problem in the long run. As I said at the beginning, you can’t gain weight just in one day; it requires effort and time. Once you give your efforts and time to yourself, you’ll be the healthiest and happiest person.

Proper efforts will provide you with health and happiness.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
She is a chief editor and handles SEO. She loves health and fitness blogging. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating health fitness ideas. She is the most inspirational person for women's empowerment and fitness.

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