How To Include The Right Nutrition In Your Routine?

With the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead, we have to agree that the healthy routine has gone for a toss. We get up every morning, and as soon as we get up, the only thing on our mind is to get ready and start working. Mechanically, we rush through the household chores, go through the daily routine without taking a breather. Although this helps us catch with others at our office, for our family, this doesn’t do much good for our bodies. This, in turn, defeats our purpose of living a good life. We forget to take care of ourselves, and that harms us in the long run.

How To Include The Right Nutrition

Living a good and healthy life has taken a backseat with our fast-paced lifestyle. While we rush through our daily routine, some contemplation level is needed to incorporate nutrition from nutrient-dense foods, being aware of what you are eating, or just being ready to eat healthily. So, let’s see how we can add nutrition to our daily routine despite being busy in these nine ways:

  • Eat Mindfully:

Be aware of what you are eating. Often, we are so involved in doing our work or even playing a game on the phone; we do not focus on our food. We eat whatever we can lay our hands-on. This is definitely a habit one should get rid of. If we let ourselves go berserk due to stress or just those pending files, we might damage our health and, ultimately, our lives. And if you thought being mindful would be a wastage of time, I assure you it’s not.

  • Be Prepared:

This might sound simple, but how many of you are prepared for the worst situation? Think when was the last time you carried a banana or an orange in your handbag? Chances are, you might not even remember. We are always on our feet from pillar to post, and yet we do not even carry a morsel of food with us. Whenever we are hungry, we just go to the nearby store to get a packet of chips or order online. Another chance for junk food, isn’t it? Why not just carry your favorite fruit instead or some healthy food with you?

  • Quality Instead Of Quantity:

A packet of chips, some sweets are given by your colleague, cold drinks sound familiar? But these foods cannot satiate you and instead will leave you craving for more. These foods contain empty calories and do not give you any nutrients in return. So, eat some real food. Eat whole fruit and do not opt for fruit juice from the street vendor. Take note of your meal. Do they only include veggies and no other foodstuffs? Mix and match your diet with varieties of nutrients. Look for pulses, which are a source of protein, look for almonds, a source of calcium, and foods with other nutrients.

  • Prevent Unhealthy Fat:

Reduce that dollop of overflowing cheese, that butter in your bread, and extra cheese in your meal. It’s best to enjoy saturated fats with other healthy sources of fat like avocado, olive oil, and different kinds of nuts. You can replace the normal unsalted butter with applesauce, apple butter, peanut butter, or even nonfat Greek yogurt. If you like butter, half a teaspoon can be enough as a part of a nutritious meal.

  • Have A Good Breakfast:

If you have been missing your breakfast, don’t just let it be the norm. Having a good breakfast is necessary. Avoid processed foods like instant cup noodles or packaged foodstuffs for breakfast. Remember, it has many preservatives, and it might work the opposite and fill you with harmful calories instead of healthy nutrients. You can just keep already cut veggies like tomatoes and cucumber and mix them with peanuts or moong sprouts in the morning when you get up.

  • Don’t Fry Your Food:

There are chances that frying the food might end up losing all its nutrients. As frying involves cooking oil, fried foodstuffs can add in many calories in just normal nutritious veggies. So, to keep those nutrients in place, give preference to broiling or baking instead of frying. Too much-saturated fat from any source can result in a very unhealthy meal. The baking method doesn’t require oil for cooking and thus extra saturated fats in your meal can be prevented. The plus point being baking is definitely easier than frying. Once you get used to it, you will find it a lot easier.

  • Stock Your Fridge With Healthy Items:

How many times in the night do you peek into your fridge to see what’s there to hog on? Well, hunger can make us go crazy, and naturally, the first place we search for food in the refrigerator. Why not stock it with healthy avocados, salmon with omega-3 fatty acids, kale, spinach, and other leafy greens dense with vitamin A, C, calcium, and other nutrients? The next time you grab something to eat from your fridge, it will definitely be something healthy and nutritious.

  • Drink Water:

While this is age-old advice, how many times do we drink water during the day? This way, you can even cut off the habit of consuming sweetened drinks when you feel thirsty. Substitute all those drinks with water, and you will become healthier. Drinking more water helps in weight management and avoids many health issues like constipation; staying hydrated also improves energy levels, mood, and concentration.

  • Take Vitamin D Supplements:

With more and more people opting to stay in, the sunlight as a vitamin D source is no more used as before. Consequently, many people around the world have vitamin D deficiency. As this vitamin helps in building a strong immune system, bone, and teeth development, it becomes vital to include it in your daily diet. If you are not exposed to sunlight, consult your doctor, and take vitamin D supplements.

Now that you know how to add nutrition to your daily routine start with a healthy lifestyle today. Remember that being consistent is the key to solving many health issues and living a healthy life.


Minute changes to incorporate nutrition in your daily routine include mindful eating, focusing on the quality of food, preventing unhealthy or saturated fats, and others.

Preeti Shah
Preeti Shah
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